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Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay

Philosophy Paper I believe in the philosophy of trying to live leaving the world in a better place and looking for daily opportunities to do so. I Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay include active listening Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay my Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay to try to Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay motivation and participation and allow Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay to be more Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay for their own learning. Positive discipline is a topic that has not been discussed yet in the nursing program. I feel. Read More. This leads to a deeper understanding Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay the many roles that nurses have in our society Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay. Philosophy Personal Narrative: Marraise Of Adoption are Practicing in the area of hospice, I am often faced with caring for patients Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay end of life.

Professional Philosophy of Health Education

Nineteen ninety-four was a significant year for me; it was the year I began volunteering at the local children's hospital. I read books to children from ages four to fourteen which brought a smile to their face and to mine. Not only did I want to make these kids feel better, but I also wanted them to see that their illness, whether short term or long term, did not define who they are or what they could become. So, I used my skills as an educator to mentor them as they continued their schoolwork while they were in the hospital. Bringing together education and healing was a life-changing experience that made me realize that nursing is my true calling.

Traditionally, nurses were viewed as caregivers. Zerwekh, I believe that caring is a foundation of Amber Hawn Mr. There are lot of cores, focuses, visions, and philosophies of nursing. In my opinion there are a lot of cores of nursing. So, I will be discussing a few different cores of nursing. One core of nursing is delivering quality care to the needs of the patients and families. You can do this through education, teaching and listening. The second core of nursing is patient education.

Right Health Community, Nurses should teach the patient about medications, and how to manage their daily living. The last core of nursing is love and passion for others. Why is one in nursing if they do not have love and passion for others? Without love and passion, patient outcomes are affected. You can show love and passion in a variety of ways. One way of showing love and passion could be taking the time to talk to a Professional values are the foundation for practice; they guide interactions with patients, colleagues, other professionals, and the public.

Through your previous coursework, you have explored various concepts, frameworks, and theories in previous courses; liberal studies and nursing courses. In this senior course, you will continue to explore these concepts by focusing on the course outcomes that involve integration of disciplinary frameworks to communicate effectively with individuals and aggregates in diverse settings, apply ethical frameworks, principles, codes and professional standards of practice in clinical decision-making and professional conduct, and conduct a reflective self-assessment to demonstrate attitudes and behaviors of responsible membership in the profession and community. Outcome: You will succinctly articulate a personal philosophy of nursing, clearly reflective of the American Nurses The amount of work, time, and emotion that goes into nursing practice holds nurses to a much higher standard than the average nine to five office job.

Nurses must be proficient in a background of anatomy, physiology, and the way drugs and diseases work. Nurses must also combine that knowledge with sharp critical thinking skills and an unconditional compassion for humankind. While every nurse is unique in their own way, I hope the values that I have in my daily living can affect the way I conduct myself while on duty as a practicing nurse.

The same theme seems evident in most nursing philosophies; caring, health and wellbeing, environment, and clinical excellence through education. As I contemplate what my philosophy of nursing is I have discovered that I also incorporate these aspects of nursing into my own personal values of what I believe it is to be a nurse. My personal belief system has always been that a nurse should possess strong ethical and moral values, a passion for caring, and a commitment to lifelong education. Patient respect, There are differing opinions and statements that can define a philosophy. My philosophy in nursing is built on a firm belief that I should always maintain integrity, honesty and a heart to help health the sick and those in need, while laying aside my own personal biases do only what is right of a prudent nurse.

Nursing is the foundation to the practice of medicine in our nation. I will share one definition of a philosophy according to Yoder-Wise: A nursing philosophy statement outlines the vision, values, and beliefs about the practice of nursing and the provision of patient care within the organization. The philosophy statement is used to guide the practice of nursing in the various nursing units on a daily basis. As I reflect on my clinical experiences and nursing education thus far, I acknowledge that I have unknowingly developed a set of values, beliefs, and virtues that makes up my personal nursing philosophy.

As I move forward in my nursing education, the values and beliefs that I have associated with a diverse patient population, health, the environment, and the role of the professional nurse will progress with me. Philosophy of Education Throughout the history of education, there have been many different philosophical views. Plato believed that the purpose of education was to create a perfect city-state, while Rousseau believed that the purpose was to develop people, who freely choose good. Both of these philosophies cooperate with my beliefs; however, my beliefs do differ in some aspects. Through my philosophies covering the nature.

It is my belief that nursing is a commitment to public service and a desire to help those in need. Nursing is a discipline of knowledge acquired both through formal education and through life experiences. The sum of these parts continues. As a nurse, one is responsible to offer professional services in any environment. I defined person, environment, health and nursing. My four personal philosophy concepts include competence, accountability, compassion and caring. Nursing philosophy is important because of practice, education, administration and research purposes. Vincennes University, St. It is important that student nurses and nurses read and gain knowledge from their facilities nursing philosophy. Philosophies give the nurse a guideline of how their facility defines the aspects of nursing and what is expected of them as nurses of that facility.

It is essential for nurses to go back after they have. Finding the right plan of action for the growing number of health care issues is vital in prevention and treatment. Through these models, health education specialists, communities, the country, and even individuals themselves can assess the health issues at hand and develop a plan. The theories and models provided are just some of the most popular ones used among health care professionals today.

The main goal of health promotion is to enable population and individuals increase control over their health by making a healthy decision. Health education being one of the five action strategies in health promotion has been an essential component in promoting health and preventing diseases. World Health Organization WHO simply defined health education as the combination of planned learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes towards certain health behaviors WHO, Health education focuses on social and behavioral decisions thus; it involves teaching population and individuals on how to develop certain skills such as personal and social skills which are required to make positive behavioral choices Nutbeam, The delivery of health education is simply achieved through peer to peer education, lectures, handouts or brochures, posters, guest speakers, project- base getting individuals and the communities involved , drama etc.

Green, highlights that learning for health is the most effective when the health professional identifies their own learning needs and goals. It is important that health professionals set realistic goals and objectives. All learning objectives will be different depending on the problem which is occurring in with the publics health. Assessing learning outcomes is effective within public health as it helps to measure the change which has occurred and if the goals set have been achieved. On the other hand, summative evaluation assists in the assessment of achievements and the improvements that need to be made on failed areas Jan Proposal, Due to the sensitivity of health issues, clients need to be educated for better understanding.

The teachings have to be conducted in an orderly manner hence conducted professionally. This led to the development of health teaching principles. These principles mainly offer a guideline on how to educate clients of various diversities. One would think that clearly a Health Professional should have all the practical knowledge of their profession, this is correct however they also need to know the environment in which they work in i. The empathic role of the IHP framework to me is the most important. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. The school of Health Education is a practice whose effectiveness is difficult to be matched.

From being taught in a classroom, to presenting to a community, the curriculum is designed to increase quality of life through a plethora of strategies.

Gibbs Reflective Cycle body and mind need Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay be healthy to seek the way to enlightenment. The quality of nursing Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay can be the Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay in Native American Boarding Schools and Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay. Health education being one of the Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay action strategies in health promotion has been an essential component in promoting health and preventing brian johnson breakfast club. Free essay samples Education Philosophy of Health Education. Show More.

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