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Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos

TV Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos The Ultimate Foe. Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos, he came face-to-face with the Beast and tried conversing, though Analysis: Nighthawks By Edward Hopper consciousness had already escaped to the expedition's archaeologist, Toby Zed. He greek goddess of war gets into a fight with Chef over whose job Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos harder. Yet he adds, "They Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos not hardier than other people. Rose pointed the hologram projector at the Doctor, Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos unwittingly created hundreds of duplicated projections of the Potato Osmosis Investigation. But alas!

Literal Crazy Bus

With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination. General trope examples. Major Franchises in this universe. The Avengers The Avengers , the original comic book series. The Avengers: United They Stand , a cartoon that barely featured any of its three most famous members. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! A big-budget feature film , and centerpiece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , released in along with a sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron in along with Avengers: Infinity War released in and Avengers: Endgame released in Avengers, Assemble!

Captain America Captain America comics. A theater serial. The Marvel Super Heroes , a animated anthology. Captain America , A theatrical movie so bad the production company never released it and denied it existed. It was finally released on home video in Deadpool Deadpool comic book series. A sequel, Deadpool 2 was released in Deadpool , a videogame by High Moon Studios. The Fantastic Four , a cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera. The Fantastic Four , an unreleased Roger Corman film, infamous around the fandom for its low quality. Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes , a cartoon version with heavily French-influenced art, based loosely off the movie continuity.

Fantastic Four , a movie reboot more loosely based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four iterations of the characters. Doctor Doom's Fearfall , a ride located at Universal's Islands of Adventure that centers around the team's arch-nemesis. Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy comic books. Guardians of the Galaxy , movie which proved to be surprisingly popular and made it a major Marvel franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Guardians of the Galaxy , an animated series adaptation. Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk comic books. A cartoon version.

Hulk , a big-budget movie, which polarized critics and viewers alike. The Incredible Hulk , a do-over with much better results. Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hulk Vs. Iron Man Iron Man comic books. A cartoon version , shown with the contemporary Fantastic Four cartoon as part of the "Marvel Action Hour". Season 1 saw Shellhead leading Force Works, but a massive Retool for Season 2 saw — among other changes — more solo hero action. Iron Man , a big-budget movie, that spawned two sequels in and , which featured Robert Downey Jr. The first film was notable for having a post-credits scene that kickstarted the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe. An anime version with 12 episodes. Spider-Man Spider-Man comics. Spider-Man , a cartoon version , with an Expository Theme Tune that many baby-boomers can still sing from memory.

TV : The Girl in the Fireplace. With Mickey now aboard, The TARDIS landed on the a spaceship in the 51st century , where the Doctor and his companions found that the crewmembers' organs were used as "parts" by the repair droids after the ship had been damaged. The droids created time windows to find Reinette, the Madame de Pompadour , and complete repairs. While investigating, the Doctor travelled throughout Reinette's life through use of the time windows, fighting the droids throughout 18th century France and developing a romantic relationship with Reinette. After Rose and Mickey wandered off, the Doctor found a horse that had wandered through the window onto the ship, naming him Arthur. TV : The Girl in the Fireplace While talking to Arthur, the Doctor discovered a portal through which briefly came the hand of a humanoid.

When the droids came to harvest Madame de Pompadour, the Doctor, on horseback, broke through a time window to the court of Versailles in , shattering the connection to the ship and stranding himself and the droids from the ship, causing the droids to deactivate from a lack of purpose. The Doctor tried going back through the fireplace so that he could take Reinette to see the universe, but the loose connection to the time window meant she had already died when he returned.

After reading a heartfelt letter she had left him, the Doctor was left devastated. After Rose became infected with an Iagnon grub, the Doctor sent Rose into a dream where he was dating her mother and Mickey had an Amazonian girlfriend so that her jealously could drive the creature out of her body. Whilst travelling through time, the Doctor, Rose and Mickey fell through a crack in time, ending up on a parallel Earth more technologically advanced than their Earth. When Rose found her father was alive on the parallel world, the Doctor cautioned her against making contact. While Mickey searched for the parallel version of his grandmother , the Doctor gave in to Rose's request to attend the birthday party of her parallel mother. At the party, the Doctor was discovered a parallel version of the Cybermen had been created, and could only stand witness as they crashed the party, and killed the guests inside.

TV : Rise of the Cybermen. Escaping, the Doctor allied himself with the Preachers , and organised a break in into Cybus Industries Factory, where mass conversions were beginning. He paired up with Miss Moore to use the tunnels and discovered the emotional inhibitor was key to the Cybermen. She was killed and he was taken to the creator of the Cybermen, John Lumic , for analysis due to his alien anatomy. He discovered Lumic had already been converted into the Cyber-Controller.

The Doctor bought time by trading philosophical ideas with Lumic while subtly telling Mickey and Jake Simmonds to hack the Lumic family database to find the cancellation code to the Cybermen's emotional inhibitors. Mickey texted Rose the code, and the Doctor connected the phone with the code to deactivate the Cybermen's inhibitors, causing them to explode, along with Cybus Industries. When it came time to leave, Mickey chose to stay behind to fight Cybermen worldwide, both because he had witnessed his counterpart's death, and because he didn't fit in with the Doctor and Rose's close relationship.

The Doctor and Rose honoured Mickey's wishes and returned to their universe, where they visited Jackie at the Powell Estate. TV : The Age of Steel. The Doctor answered a summoning from the Forest of Cheem and discovered the guests of Platform One were disappearing. He stopped a cyborg called Montodon Slemm from harvesting the Forest, but they vanished. Intrigued, he and Rose set off to find out who was responsible. Whilst there, he stopped a Banjunx creature from killing the cast and crew. Following another trail, the Doctor attended the astro space race.

He chased Skip Pyleen across the galaxy in a pod to stop him from stealing and selling the Hyposlip to the Rakkonoids , eventually capturing him and having the corrupt racer arrested. They found books were being downloaded into students' minds via a mindlink device. However, the software was infected with a Macrobe virus. His victory was short-lived when he found the Chosen Scholars had also disappeared. Using a book from the Rago university, the Doctor and Rose next ended up on Gameworld Gamma , where they discovered a human colony was being hunted for sport by royalty, headed by Platform guests Mr and Mrs Pakoo.

He closed down the games and sent the humans back to Earth. He found the Pakoos had been taken, but he knew that, unlike the others, they had been taken to attract his attention. After Rose disappeared, the Doctor finally learned the truth: the vengeful brother of the Moxx of Balhoon , the Elth of Balhoon , had been kidnapping all the guests as he felt they had not done enough to prevent his death on Platform One. Recognising his grief, the Doctor released all the kidnapped guests and persuaded them to help Elth rather than condemn him. The Doctor and Rose fight a group of Cybermen with the sonic screwdriver. However, when Rose objected to the conversion of mice into Cybermice , the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to defeat the Cybermen.

In , the Doctor and Rose investigated an alien insect that was kidnapping youths and replacing their blood cells with its own and burnt down the house that the insect was stationed, killing it. The Doctor next took Rose to Phostris to meet the first humans in history who travelled through hyperspace. He found the human pioneers had been reduced to a life of slavery by a super-intelligent cat called Mitzi , who had drifted through hyperspace and gained intelligence and superiority. He stopped her from torturing the population into slavery and foiled her attack on Earth by breaking her connection with hyperspace, which reduced her to a normal cat.

After discovering Mitzi was actually Rose's childhood cat, he left the cat on the Powell Estate in the s to be adopted by a young Rose. Taking Rose home to see her mother, the Doctor discovered the population of Earth had been trapped in ice by a group of alien entities. The Doctor destroyed the ice machine, raising the temperature and releasing humanity. The Doctor took Rose to Muswell Hill on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II 's coronation in , where people had been mysteriously taken from their homes.

Taking the "domestic approach", the Doctor found Grandma Connolly 's face had been completely removed, and that the same had happened to the others who had been kidnapped. When Grandma Connolly was taken away by police, he pursued and met Detective Inspector Bishop , who accepted his help. After Rose was found with her face taken, the Doctor was infuriated. They learnt the Wire was using the coronation to feed on the electrical activity of the brain, "taking people's faces [and] their essences". After nearly being consumed himself, the Doctor pursued the Wire and Magpie up Alexandra Palace and climbed after them to prevent the Wire from becoming manifest again by converting the "big transmitter" into a receiver of all of the faces of the people watching the coronation.

With Tommy Connolly 's help, he turned the receiver back into a transmitter and trapped the Wire's electrical signal onto a video cassette, freeing everyone, including Rose and Grandma Connolly. TV : The Idiot's Lantern. While in Wales , the Doctor encountered the Cynrog , who were trying to bring back their god, Balor , by sacrificing the humans. After Balor was brought back, it was soon destroyed. The Doctor told his interviewer, " Jazami Paxxo ", who had heard of the Doctor's reputation as a saviour of worlds, that he would be willing to defend the Askenflatt system from Hasval the Destroyer. The visual of Paxxo disappeared, and the Doctor realised this was a trap set up by Hasval using a hologram projector, and there was no TV show at all.

Rose pointed the hologram projector at the Doctor, and unwittingly created hundreds of duplicated projections of the Doctor. The Doctor, along with his duplicates, warned Hasval to leave this sector of space and renounce war. They discovered the inkers at the printing presses had been hypnotised by a Hobothy , who intended to use the ink in the stamps to channel its hypnotic powers. Rose pushed the Hobothy into a printing press, and the Hobothy was crushed by the press operator, Thomas Scott. The Doctor explained that without the Hobothy, the ink was now harmless. The Doctor then sent a letter Rose wrote about the adventure to Rose's mother with a squashed Hobothy stamp on the envelope.

Rose discovered a Slitheen scout in a funfair who, after trying out the rides, planned to make a twisted version of the fair where humans would be hunted. The Slitheen chased Rose down a water slide, where, at the bottom, the Doctor had filled the water in the pool with vinegar from a chip van, causing the Slitheen to explode. When the Doctor confronted them directly, he discovered that they were actually the Forzell , and that the invasion was nothing more than one episode of a tv show directed by the Herazi. The Doctor and Rose ruined their episode and foiled the invasion, then went to confront the Herazi; with the help of Jackie, the Doctor convinced the Forzell they were being used by the Herazi and convinced them to rebel against them.

When the Doctor brought Rose to Slough , , to see the local telescope, she tricked him into a duel against the Chevalier d'Eon , which the Doctor lost. Looking into the telescope, the Doctor saw a ship of the Consortium of the Obsidian Asp head towards Earth and tracked it down to Christopher Dalliard's house party, which he entered by pretending to be a famous Italian tenor. When Joxer and Hempel threatened the guests' lives, the Doctor and the Chevalier destroyed their android duplicates with swordfighting, before confronting them on their ship. The Doctor forced them to recognise him as a Time Lord, a superior being, and then ordered them to go and release every single slave they ever sold. On the Coldstar moon, the Doctor and Rose witnessed the awakening of Ice Warrior commander Hasskor and his attempt to exterminate the planet Enyo by crashing the moon into it.

The Doctor stopped him by redirecting the moon to crash into the nearby sun, and tried to negotiate with him, promising to save his life and those of his warriors if he would renounce his attempt. Heartbroken, Hasskor committed suicide by disabling his armour, and in doing so activated a bomb that would have killed them, but the Doctor, Rose and Lorna were able to throw his body out into space. After teaching Wanda about many of the differences between monkeys and humans, the Doctor and Rose again departed for the Galapagos Islands. TV : The Impossible Planet. The crew of Sanctuary Base 6, having come to Krop Tor to discover the source of power emanating from the planet's core which allowed the planet to orbit the black hole, refused to divert their drill to collect the TARDIS.

This forced the Doctor and Rose to contemplate a future settling down. The Beast began terrorising the explorers and possessing their servants, the Ood. The Doctor and the science officer of Sanctuary Base 6, Ida Scott , descended into the core of the planet and discovered a pit which had started opening. When nothing emerged from the pit, the Doctor speculated the prison was open but not the cell and decided they should withdraw. However the transport tube back to the surface was rendered unusable by the Ood cutting the cable, so the Doctor decided to use the cable to descend into the pit. Inside, he came face-to-face with the Beast and tried conversing, though its consciousness had already escaped to the expedition's archaeologist, Toby Zed. Realising the Beast's jailers thought of the Beast's escape, the Doctor shattered the jar keeping the planet orbiting the black hole, believing Rose would find a way to survive.

At the same time, Toby was ejected from the Sanctuary Base 6 rocket by Rose. Towing the rocket safely away from the black hole, the Doctor "swapped passengers" and resumed his travels with Rose. TV : The Satan Pit. Arriving in Africa in the 22nd century , the Doctor met the Wurms , who were seeking to destroy the art works of their enemies, the Valnaxi , who had taken on the form of humans. The Doctor got rid of both species before they could do any further damage to Earth. The Doctor and Rose witness the Abzorbaloff liquifying into the ground. When Elton Pope used Jackie in his efforts to make contact with him, the Doctor tracked him down on Rose's behalf so Rose could berate him for upsetting her mother.

He unwittingly saved Elton from being absorbed by Victor Kennedy after arriving. They pulled at Kennedy's stomach, causing him to drop his cane. Elton broke the cane's limitation field that was preventing the ground from absorbing him. Though he couldn't save the others' lives, the Doctor brought the consciousness of Ursula Blake back, but stuck as a face on piece of concrete.

He then told Elton the truth about his mother's death. Racing against time to save the vampire's victims, the Doctor met Oscar Wilde , who was in prison suffering from an alien disease. The Doctor staged a prison break, cured Oscar and destroyed the vampires. Proving to Rose that his adventures were not completely dangerous, the Doctor re-installed a randomiser into the TARDIS, which transported him and Rose to the thirteenth moon of the thirteenth planet in the Thirteenth Galaxy , on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth year of the 13th century.

There, they met the Triskaidekaphobes , the unluckiest species in creation. The Doctor discovered Bob Kreesus had been kidnapping Triskaidekaphobes and stealing their fortune. After returning the Triskaidekaphobes' luck, the Doctor confronted Kreesus on a cliff , where Kreesus accidentally fell to his death. COMIC : Triskaidekaphobia They then stopped an Arcadian arms dealer from using sentient bombs called Smart Bombs to bomb a planet by stranding him on the planet he was hired to obliterate. The Doctor and Rose went to to see the Olympics , where they met Chloe Webber , a girl who had been possessed by a lone Isolus , who was trapping other children from her street in drawings to give the Isolus company.

Once Rose tossed the Isolus' pod into the Olympic flame to recharge it, the Doctor and the children were freed from the drawing. As the torch bearer had been injured by the pod, the Doctor took his place, lighting the Olympic flame himself. Reuniting with Rose, the Doctor warned her that he felt a "storm" coming when she said that no-one would ever separate them. TV : Fear Her. In the city of Vanezia , the Doctor and Rose allied with future musical hit Frederico Gobbo to investigate an opera house that shouldn't have been located in Vanezia.

They found the owner, Magrillo , was draining people's energy to power a machine called the Orchestra, which transmitted mathematic equations into space. The Doctor overloaded the machine by getting Fredrick to sing a bad song, destroying it and killing Magrillo. After this, he discovered the Orchestra had turned Fredrick into the musical talent he was destined to become. The Doctor and Rose later came under attack from skeletons in a graveyard. Seeking solace at Ivy Hensons home, the Doctor discovered the skeletons had been animated to act as repair men by a terraforming device that had fell to Earth. PROSE : Gravestone House They then visited an art gallery on the Moon , where they discovered an artist had used a soul extractor to improve his painting and had ended up turning it into an intelligent creature.

The Doctor became intrigued by the disappearance of Lower Downham , travelling there with Rose to to unravel the mystery. He discovered the village had been evacuated by the Viyrans , who had followed a dangerous chemical weapon to Earth. The chemical couldn't be neutralised, so the Doctor and Rose left the Viyrans to place a perceptual barrier across the entire village. The Doctor and Rose also visited a rocky, barren planet and watched giant creatures fly past, where Rose expressed that she would stay with the Doctor forever.

TV : Army of Ghosts. The Doctor risked a visit to Sunset Strip , a lawless planet populated by bounty hunters, gangsters and mobs. He discovered he owed a million credits to Mr Lippizzaner , leader of the notorious Trigger Brothers. Although there was a large bounty on his head, the Doctor stopped the Triggers and their business rival, Don Corpulone , from finding "the Bird", a Glitterbird egg from a rare robot species whose were studded with diamonds. He installed detective robots to arrest the two mob families and establish law and order on the planet. The Doctor treated Rose to a visit to Paris. However, they discovered that they had become trapped in the Facade, a computer that enhanced people's perception of "Perfect Paris".

Alongside resistance fighters, the Doctor and Rose destroyed the Facade with the use of a computer virus. Taking Rose for a steak meal, the Doctor accidentally transported them to Phijax IV , where they were forced to fight as entertainment for the Glutonoid, who threatened to eat Rose if they didn't. The Doctor dons his 3D specs to identify "Void stuff". Returning to the Powell Estate , the Doctor and Rose found humanity was being visited by beings believed to be ghosts of their loved ones. The Doctor strongly opposed their use of " ghost shifts " for a power source, as it was ripping a hole between parallel worlds which increased in size with every iteration, and convinced Yvonne to pause the experiments.

The original tear was caused by a Void Ship. Two computer technicians, secretly under the control of Cybermen, restarted the ghost shift. The ghosts, who were actually Cybermen , came from the parallel world where the Doctor and Rose had left Mickey. As the Daleks and Cybermen waged war with each other, the Doctor was transported back to the Cybermen's original universe, where he reunited with Pete Tyler at the other universe's Torchwood, where the People's Republic took over when the Preachers knew what it was doing. With the Preachers, the Doctor returned to his universe. With the help of a short alliance between the Cybermen and the Preachers, the Doctor rescued Rose and Mickey, who had found his way back to N-Space, from their imprisonment by the Cult of Skaro.

In the confusion, Mickey accidentally touched the Genesis Ark, opening it and releasing millions of imprisoned Daleks. The group then saved Jackie from being upgraded by the Cybermen. To defeat his warring enemies, the Doctor needed to open the Void ; doing so would suck anything covered in " Void stuff " into it and seal off the two universes for good. Realising that Rose was also covered in Void energy, the Doctor sent her, along with Mickey, Pete, Jackie and the other Preachers, back to " Pete's World ", where they would be safe, but Rose refused to leave the Doctor and returned, knowing she would never see her family again. The plan initially went smoothly, until Rose's lever malfunctioned, threatening to halt the operation. Rose secured the lever, but couldn't keep her grip and began to fall into the Void.

She was saved at the last second by Pete and taken back across to the other universe, separating her from the Doctor. TV : Doomsday. After finding Hondran overrun by the Untra , the Doctor managed to lure them to the edge of a cliff, and allowed carnivorous plants to eat them. The Doctor says goodbye to Rose. He was able to project a hologram of himself through the last crack between the universes by parking the TARDIS in orbit around a supernova to gain enough power to say goodbye. Rose finally told the Doctor that she loved him, but before he could confess his response, the connection was lost.

She loudly protested at where she had ended up, putting the Doctor in a state of bafflement. Successful in saving her, he returned her to her wedding reception, where the Roboform attacked with bombs disguised as Christmas baubles. The Doctor destroyed the attack force and went with Donna and Lance to H. Clements , which had a basement leading to a secret Torchwood base underneath the Thames. Forced back to by Lance being force-fed Huon particles in Donna's place, which also resulted in him being fed to the Racnoss offspring through a hole dug by Torchwood, waking them.

After the Empress failed to take his offer to leave Earth, the Doctor drowned the Racnoss offspring by flooding the Torchwood base on top of the hole with the River Thames. He ignored the Empress' screams for mercy, only leaving at Donna's request. When the Empress tried attacking London with her Webstar in retaliation, the British military destroyed her along with it. TV : The Runaway Bride. Following a distress signal, the Doctor began investigating disappearances in a small English village. Aided by Brynn , the last child in the village, he discovered a dying crashed sentient spaceship was abducting children to keep itself entertained with their imaginations.

Brynn allowed the ship to feast on his imagination to "finish the story", allowing it to die happily and releasing all the children it had taken. The Doctor discovered a Floof , a species with the ability to hide in plain sight, had been stalking a man called Tom. Befriending Tom, the Doctor realised the Floof had developed a psychic link with Tom and was unwilling to let him go, killing Tom's wife. Enraged, the Doctor punished the Floof by separating it from Tom, condemning it to eternal loneliness.

Daniel made his way into the TARDIS and meddled with the controls, transporting the time machine to Belgium in , where they witnessed a German and British football match. After visiting various Christmas periods in Earth's history, the Doctor returned Daniel home. The Doctor took a break from his travels on the Earth colony world, Centuria. His holiday was cut short when he discovered an army of Cybermen had been rebuilt from the Battle of Canary Wharf.

Taken prisoner and unable to stop the Cybermen's takeover of Centuria, the Doctor met Jayne Kadett , an investigator. He and Jayne managed to destroy the Cybermen at the heart of the Centuria invasion. They discovered the Cybermen had been rebuilding their army across the universe, so the Doctor took Jayne with him to track them down and destroy them. Following the Cybermen's signal, the Doctor flew an airship across the continent of Azlon , which had now become a gigantic Cyber-conversion factory.

The Doctor and Jayne destroyed the factory and found a map that brought them closer to destroying the heart of the new Cybermen Empire. After battling the Ice Snakes and cyber-dogs, the Doctor and Jayne used explosives to destroy the Cybermen's base. Homaj sacrificed himself, and the Doctor and Jayne discovered the key to stopping the Cybermen was by destroying Centuria Central. When Jayne became frozen in time, the Doctor set off to Centuria Central alone, becoming a fugitive.

He infiltrated the base and destroyed the stasis machine, which had a mental link to the Cybermen. As a result, Cybermen across the galaxy were destroyed. With the galaxy protected, the Doctor asked Jayne to travel with him, but she declined. Travelling alone, the Doctor visited Croxton Hall and, alongside waitress Daisy White , battled the ghosts of Lord and Lady Tubbs and their houseguests.

He used the Ancient Horologe , a timepiece used to measure the passage of time across the dimensions, to transform all the ghosts into humans. After the house was restored to normal, the Doctor attended the Tubbs wedding anniversary. The Doctor discovered the Klytode had scrambled Bert's circuits and was intending to launch a cobalt bomb on the station, which would cause the station to crash to Earth and destroy it. The Doctor saved Bert, tricked the Klytode into destroying his own planet, and had him arrested. Soon after, the Doctor stopped off at a 12th century English village at the time of the Black Death. He discovered the Zeerover virus had turned the villagers into zombies. Making a deal with the Zeerovers, the Doctor cured the villagers.

The Doctor is reunited with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor visited the Slough of the Disjointed Planets , a space populated by warlike races renowned for their brutal conflicts. There, he encountered the dying War Keeper, the ancient controller of the population of the Disjointed Planets. To find a worthy successor, the War Keeper scanned the Doctor's mind for the identity and location of the greatest leader in the cosmos. He chose Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart , now retired and in his late seventies, who refused to accept the War Keeper's demands. As an alternative, the War Keeper chose Mike Yates , but accidentally summoned another man with the same name.

Rivals of the dying War Keeper infiltrated his helpers before his death and passed onto Yates the Keeper's control device, the Warkeeper's Crown. With the weak-minded Yates under the control of the Crown and the many forces of the Disjointed Planets, the deceased War Keeper's rivals planned to control the conflicts. The controlled Yates transported himself back to Earth, along with many Orcs, Hawks and other creatures.

The Doctor and the Brigadier, with an army of Brigadier clones the Doctor created with technology at the Slough, returned to the Earth to defeat the demon hordes and free Yates from the Crown's control. With the danger passed, the Doctor and the Brigadier re-lived their old glories and said their goodbyes, although the Brigadier expected to see the Doctor again. While investigating a set of plasma coils in London, the Doctor checked himself into Royal Hope Hospital , where he met medical student Martha Jones. Pretending to be human, the Doctor tricked Finnegan into drinking some of his blood , which she assimilated into her system, and the Judoon executed her after identifying her as a non-human.

Martha revived the Doctor, and the hospital was returned to Earth. After leaving the hospital, the Doctor tracked down Martha at a family gathering to offer her one trip in time as a way of expressing gratitude for her assistance. TV : Smith and Jones. Learning the lost play, Love's Labour's Won , was to be performed, the Doctor decided to investigate why it vanished. He discovered the Carrionites had the Globe Theatre constructed to their design in order to use a hidden incantation in the script to free the rest of their kind from the Deep Darkness. Despite succeeding, their incantation was reversed by one improvised by Shakespeare, trapping them and all copies of the play in the Darkness.

As it risked freeing them, the Doctor advised Shakespeare not to rewrite the play. While bidding Shakespeare goodbye, Queen Elizabeth I arrived and ordered her men to kill the Doctor, declaring him her sworn enemy, much to Martha's confusion and the Doctor's amusement. TV : The Shakespeare Code. Fleeing the Queen's men, the Doctor decided to stretch the one trip agreement with Martha to include a trip to the future. Searching for her, the Doctor discovered the city had been plagued and the population had become trapped on the motorway for their own safety.

Martha and the population were freed from being attacked by the Macra , who lived in the filthy air below the cars. After the Face of Boe sacrificed his own life to power the doors keeping the motorway shut, he uttered his secret to the Doctor: "You are not alone". TV : Gridlock. The Doctor took Martha to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles to show her the last residual image of Gallifrey via a telescope, and the pair got involved in the production of a movie that was being sabotaged by the Dominators.

Though the Master attacked them with Autons, Frobisher was able to free the captured companions, and they helped the Doctors fight off the Autons, as Adam had a change of heart when the Master revealed he intended to use the chronal energies he had stolen across the Doctor's timelines to destroy the universe. After the Master killed Adam as he foiled his plans, the eleven Doctors honoured Adam as a "true companion". Info from Backtrack needs to be added. Martha was separated from the Doctor when Kipe ejected her from the head, while the Doctor was captured by Kipe's father, Kingfish , who was the manager of the Krib bank.

The Doctor was taken through a space portal to the Krib, and Kingfish explained to the Doctor that the planet was being cleared by the High Goliax as part of a clearance as collateral for a loan. The Doctor realised that the processors in the bank were living slaves pining for home and that they had started singing that morning because of the TARDIS automatically translated alien languages.

The Doctor told Mandrake to attach the bank's free-reins to their "tentacles", while the Doctor changed control from the Krib's accumulator to the speculator to allow them to move freely. The Doctor and Martha ran through a portal to a High Goliax head while followed by the freed slaves, which the Doctor explained were the minds of the High Goliax finding their way home after being ripped from their skulls centuries before.

The Doctor told Mandrake to help evacuate the children from the High Goliax as the minds found their way to their original bodies, stopping the attack. The Doctor went looking for a Karadax octopus Droid in the caves of Karadax, and was aided by an android duplicate of Martha, which originated from a museum dedicated to the Doctor. The Doctor offers himself to the Daleks to prevent any more innocent people from being killed. TV : Evolution of the Daleks. In New York City , the Doctor and Martha investigated kidnappings from Hooverville , a community of people hit by the Great Depression with nowhere left to go, befriending their leader, Solomon.

They also met Tallulah , in search of her boyfriend Laszlo , who had disappeared a few days prior. Investigating the sewers, the Doctor discovered Pig slaves that worked for the Cult of Skaro , who were kidnapping humans with high intelligence for their Final Experiment ; the pig slaves were created from those of low intellect. The group ran into Laszlo, and saw how the Daleks had partially transformed him into a pig slave, but he managed to escape with his mind still his own. The Doctor discovered that the Daleks were trying to evolve into new forms in order to survive, and the Cult of Skaro's leader, Dalek Sec , transformed himself into the first human-Dalek hybrid as part of this plan.

TV : Daleks in Manhattan. However, Dalek Caan and the other members of the Cult betrayed Sec, stripped him of his authority, exterminated Solomon and continued with their mission to conquer Earth, filling the captive humans with pure Dalek DNA. Jast and Thay were killed in the battle and Caan deactivated the hybrids as failures, leaving himself the sole surviving Dalek.

While recalling the event, Amy suddenly remembered that she was cheered up once she was given a new ice cream by a woman with red hair and dressed in the same nightie she was wearing, just as the Doctor revealed he had landed the TARDIS at the fair. The Doctor rides a Robot Camel. When Amy was infected by the Chronic Spasm Virus, the virus caused her to jump randomly through time and space with a Vortex Predator Bulge. They also went undercover at a hospital in Leeds to entrap an alien earworm called the Harmonelid , but instead allowed it to inhabit the ears of Mr Richards , a deaf patient, COMIC : Earworm took a trip to the picnic planet of Floriosophon Fidestra , where they followed a distress signal, only to discover that it was a trap set by an alien creature, COMIC : If You Go Down to the Woods Today and joined four teenage aliens on a camping trip to the third moon of Callicial , where they encountered the ghosts of TV characters, including footballers, singers, knights and dancers.

The Doctor gave Venghu , king of the swamps on Senecca B, a second chance in life after firing a beam at Venghu that sucked out all the rage that had built up inside him. The Doctor eventually deposited Amy and Rory back home in February , eight months since their wedding, for a break to enjoy their married life. The Doctor promised Amy that he would keep in touch. TV : The Impossible Astronaut. The Doctor came to the assistance of Amelia Earhart when the co-pilot of her plane, the Electra , was transformed by a swarm of alien bugs that had slipped through a crack in space-time.

When Earhart tried to fly off to safer land, another swarm of bugs appeared in her path and she was infected. Despite the Doctor offering to help her, Earhart decided return to her plane and blow it up, destroying the swarm. The Doctor followed a Kharitite that he suspected of falling through a dimensional riftto London. As he chased it down the street, he enlisted the help of the passing Alice Obiefune. Just as he was gaining on the creature, the Doctor briefly caught a glimpse of a Time Lord, before he ran into a light pole, which gave him a bloody nose.

He later found Alice again and landed the TARDIS in her flat , making her tea, and listening to the problems that had recently occurred in her life. Alice accidentally gave the Doctor an idea of how to stop the Kharitite by asking who would tag a dog, which made the Doctor realise the Kharitite was a pet. He picked up the creature's owner and returned just in time to stop UNIT from destroying the Kharitite. He then offered to take Alice anywhere she wanted to go. The Doctor took Alice to the planet Rokhandi for her first adventure, but was disappointed to discover that a theme park, Rokhandi World , had been built over the previously untouched planet.

They discovered that troublemakers in the park were being brainwashed through the use of the Entity to become park employees or work in toxic waste mines by SERVEYOUinc and stopped them. The Doctor and Alice next visited London, to see the first performance of John Jones , the favourite singer of Alice's mother. They were left disappointed by the performance, however, and Jones followed them into the TARDIS when he overheard them criticising his show, accidentally being brought along with them to Mississippi Delta. The Doctor, Alice and Jones discovered a large group of possessed people, who were being taken over in search of talent, by a mysterious man known as the Talent Scout.

The Doctor realised that they would die soon if he did not reverse the effects of the crude life-force enhancement. Although the day was saved, the Doctor was disturbed by the fact that several of the recent incidents had been connected to the mysterious SERVEYOUinc corporation and could not remember what he was coerced with. While Alice and Jones explored the station, the Doctor posed as an inspector and learnt that members of the crew had fallen into comas.

The Doctor was brought to the chief suspect, Janet Rutherford , though he didn't believe Rutherford was responsible and suspected Security Chief August Hart was attempting to cover something up. Hart then pulled a gun on the Doctor, telling him he knew too much. The Doctor and Janet overpowered Hart and went to investigate the cause of the comas. They came to a testing facility, in which the Doctor realised that a creature had been tortured aboard. They returned to Hart, who was holding Alice and Jones hostage, as the creature revealed itself. The Doctor faced the creature, whom the research files called " Autonomous Reasoning Center ", and realised ARC had no intentions of violence, merely learning from people's minds.

The Nimon had destroyed the planet by draining it of its resources, knowledge and energy to create materials for a black hole bomb to destroy the Nimon homeworld. The Nimon killed Jones and began to power the black hole. The Doctor, being the only one to possess the secondary backward consciousness to register the jumps and remember the original events, then used a vortex manipulator to engineer the Nimon blowing up much earlier before it could kill Jones.

Intending to visit Berlin , the Doctor, Alice and Jones found themselves in London on Free Comic Book Day, where there was a massive craze for comics, books and magazines about the story of Zzagner. Acquiring a book, the Doctor found that the stories had a narrative virus to hypnotise humans. He came to the thought that Zzagner was alive within the story. Zzagner wondered if he was any good, which led Alice and the Doctor to deduce he was just a writer. The Doctor encouraged him to allow humanity to judge his work for themselves. The Doctor returned Alice to her flat in Hackney , but found that two warring alien races, the Amstrons and the J'arrodic , had brought their ongoing war to Earth.

Aboard an Amstron mothership, Jones ate a cream doughnut he found and soon fell ill. Escaping an onslaught from Amstrons, ARC fell under a mysterious possession, but the Doctor broke it out of it. The trio then entered an Amstron library to seek a legal rule that could end the war, only for Alice to suddenly join them with her "resurrected" mother. Alice discovered a note in a legal book calling for Earth to send an "infinite astronaut" through the Gate of Creation. The Amstrons explained that the infinite astronaut would find what happened to an Amstron and J'arrodic that disappeared in space on a mission, which sparked the war.

The Amstrons requested that Alice and Jones, as humans, were the only ones who could go through the gate. Alice and Jones then travelled through the gate, finding nothing but lights, while Jones recovered from his illness. COMIC : The Rise and Fall In preparation of his plans going wrong, the Doctor gave Alice a watch that contained a back-up of his personality, telling her to use it if something went wrong. Upon arriving at the office, the Doctor discovered Thorne had been killed by the Talent Scout, who revealed he had been woken by the Doctor and saw talent in him. When Alice, Jones and ARC saw the Doctor next, he had changed his hairstyle, was wearing a black version of his suit and calling himself the "Chief Executive", saying he would help and rule the whole world.

Alice took on the Doctor's role to encourage the enslaved people of the city, until the Chief Executive had her, Jones and ARC brought to him so he could assimilate their memories into the Entity. Using her memories of her mother's passing, Alice convinced the Chief Executive to accept what he had done and take back control of himself. Alice's words transformed the Chief Executive back into the Doctor, and the return of his memories caused the Entity to overload, destroying the city and apparently killing the Talent Scout. The resulting paradox flung the Doctor outside into space, knocked out of phase with the rest of reality and into a non-corporeal state.

Through this, the Doctor showed those possessed by the Entity to see what scared them most. Those possessed were released and the Cybermen escaped in their ship. The Entity jettisoned itself from ARC and ran away through the time stream. The Doctor knew it would travel to the nearest Time Lord, despite there being none left. ARC deduced that Jones had been absorbed into the Entity and using psychic contact, the Doctor was able to help Jones gain control of it. Jones then arrived in Rome, having "sang" to the Entity to form his own spaceship.

Jones had decided to resume his musical career and invited the Doctor and Alice to see his show, knowing Alice's mother would be in attendance. The Doctor buys a bundle of comics. The Doctor and Alice visited Paris , where they defeated radioactive monsters coming out of the Seine. While there, he was briefly puzzled by a statement from the newsagent that he had left the cafe only moments before, but soon forgot this after the agent handed him what he believed to be his standing order, which he had found under the counter.

The Doctor paid for the bundle with pirate gold before heading back. On Marinus, the Doctors posed for the picture and purposefully fell into the continuity bomb , entering the Eleventh Doctor's alternate timeline and used the TARDIS to go to the Voord 's pocket universe. Met with Voord soldiers, the Twelfth Doctor pretended to be his alternate self to gain authority, but a Voord soldier, believing the deception, connected the Twelfth Doctor to the Voord's group mind, while the Eleventh Doctor, Clara and Alice ran to the city's dimensional control room. When the Twelfth Doctor found his alternate self to powerful to fight alone, he summoned the others to help him. Inside the group mind, the Tenth Doctor turned off the city's force field, threatening to wipe them out with acid lest he change the timeline, and the Eleventh Doctor reprogramed the dimensional controls to return the Voord to the main universe.

After Clara apologised to him, the alternate Twelfth Doctor agreed and let history take its normal course, regressing the Voord and Marinus back to their primitive evolution. The deed done, the Tenth Doctor spoke his regret at taking the Voords' development from them, and the Eleventh Doctor said he would arrange for them to receive support and advice from the wider community of species. Before he lost his memories, the Doctor and Alice bought a Weeping Angel from the Weeping Angel Museum and packaged it with a viewing device in identical packaging to the comics' package to keep it docile.

Returning to Paris at a time before their younger selves did, the Doctor distracted the newsagent while Alice swapped the comic package with the Angel package. The Doctor and Alice break free from captivity. Their Overcast captors told them the Doctor was set to be given his sentence for a crime committed by the War Doctor : annihilating generations of their species. Using the sonic screwdriver, the Doctor broke their psychic moderators, knocking them out and allowing himself and Alice to escape. They entered only to be confronted by Abslom Daak. Daak revealed that he was following the Doctor's bounty as well and attempted to force them back to the courtroom, but the Squire knocked him out.

The Doctor, Alice and the Squire exited to see a live sacrifice for beings known as the Malignant. The Doctor attempted to interfere, but the Malignant grew out and attacked everyone. Inside, Daak ate the Doctor's bowtie and threatened to take him to imprisonment, but the Doctor pointed out that the TARDIS had hidden the body of Princess Taiyin in its rooms for his behaviour, and he went to find it. Although Alice told the Doctor it wasn't his fault for the attack on the Overcast, the Doctor still felt guilty for creating the Malignant. In his guilt, the Doctor spent two days brooding in the TARDIS control room alone, imagining having to explain his "crimes" to ten of his previous incarnations, who all turned away in disgust.

COMIC : Pull to Open The Then and the Now attacked the Doctor and began ingesting his timeline, causing him to begin retro-regenerating through his past incarnations, but, upon reaching the War Doctor, the reaction was halted due to that era of his life being "locked". The Doctor recovered a piece of body armour that was identical to that worn by the Squire, which proved her involvement in the Time War. The group were then attacked by metallic spiders made from the wreckage, but Daak and the Squire fought them off. Alice confided to the Doctor that she had had visions of him in the Time War, and the Doctor came to the conclusion hat the Master must have framed him.

Turning on the TARDIS intercom so Daak could hear him, the Doctor explained that he and Daak were similar for searching for meaning after seeing the horrors of the Daleks, and he understood that Daak gave himself an unachievable goal to distract himself. Escaping another pursuit by the Then and the Now, the Doctor hoped to show Alice the true nature of the Master by bringing her to one of the many places in the universe where his influence could still be felt. They arrived on a planet in the midst of a battle between the Sontaran High Command and a breakaway legion of Sontarans.

The breakaway legion had encountered the Master and had come to view him as a god, notably adapting a faction goatee in celebration of his legacy. The Doctor's team also encountered a Rassilonian Timefly , an endangered species which were used to create Chronal tumours. Leaving the suicide-detonated-planet, the Doctor deduced that the Master had been responsible for his framing and that they could find his TARDIS to get the evidence. He brought his companions to Stormcage Prison to collect River for her assistance in getting it. The Doctor and his companions went into space so that the Doctor could regain the information of the location of the Master's TARDIS from a Stargate, as he had wiped his memory of the place. Fighting off another attack from the Then and the Now, they arrived in the location: Shada , the Time Lord prison planet.

As the Then and the Now attacked the security robots, the group ventured into the prison's Black Vault, where the Doctor, Alice, Daak and River were attacked by the security system and put into stasis. The Squire, however, was immune to the effects as she was a time anomaly, and she freed them. Feeling renewed responsibility for Overcast, the Doctor brought his companions to a bar on Clundanius XI for drinks.

River revealed to Alice that the Then and the Now had been tracking them using a chrono-tracker it had shot into her neck, a fact the Doctor had declined to tell her. She proposed they leave Alice behind to avoid the pursuits, but the Doctor refused. The group were forced to flee the bar anyway once the Then and the Now arrived, and, in the confusion, were forced to leave the Squire behind. Daak informed the Doctor of the Volatix Cabal , a secret Dalek society that disappeared from the Time War before its end, and Alice suggested they could have left records important for their case.

Hastily escaping its clutches, the Doctor found that the infection was attempting to corrupt River's timeline. He put her into a cyrobooth to protect her, alongside Taiyan's body. The group arrived on Lujhimene , another planet affected by the Time War, to find information on the Volatix Cabal. Alice suffered another influx of mysterious memories. The Then and the Now tracked them to Lujhimene and begun forcing the Doctor through his previous incarnations, before the Squire returned to combat it, having acquired new weaponry in her absence. She heavily wounded the Then and the Now, but it shot her with energy, mortally wounding her.

Furious at her betrayal, Daak turned on the Doctor and threatened to kill him. However, the Doctor countered that he had wanted Daak to protect Alice, which made Daak realise his mistake. The Squire began flat-lining, and despite the Doctor's efforts to save her, she died. When the Cybermen allied with Rassilon to take over history, the Doctor and Alice were confronted by Cyber-Silurians on prehistoric Earth, where they had travelled to collect some fruit for Jenny Flint and Vastra 's anniversary, and learnt they were constructing Cyber-Arks to infect the developing galaxy with their technology.

As the situation grew worse, the Doctor sent Alice back to the TARDIS for her safety as he snuck into the Cyberman compound, believing himself safe from the Cybermen due to them being unable to convert Time Lords, but was quickly proven incorrect. Determined to save his friend, the Doctor channelled his mental powers into the network, with his emotions freeing the Silurians from Cyber-control. Though the Doctor believed this to be the end to the Cybermen's plan, the Cyberiad simply terminated the Silurians and launched the Cyber-Arks itself, only for everything to revert back to normal.

On a return visit to Plex 's adopted home planet , the Doctor, Alice and the Sapling were besieged by Plex's clones, who had broken out into war with each other after the Tenth Doctor had altered their memories. The Eleventh Doctor had to retrieve the Chameleon Arch biodata module to return one clone's memories of Plex to end the fighting. Calling himself " the Other ", the Doctor aided Rassilon as best he could without causing too much damage to the timeline, until he hatched a plan to steal the fluid links of the Type 1 to repair his own ship.

Content with the peace of the Void, the Type 1 refused to return. Unable to work the controls, the Doctor wired himself to the Type 1 with the telepathic circuits to try and convince her to return to N-Space with his memories of its wonders. However, the Type 1 perceived the universe as a chaotic place, and sought to end it, using the Void to generate anti-time energies to destroy the universe.

Left trapped in the console room, the Doctor was eventually found by his ninth , tenth , and twelfth incarnations. Understanding her error, the Type 1 jettisoned the Doctors, but remained behind in the Void. The Eleventh Doctor was then returned to his proper place by the Ninth Doctor. Craving a midnight snack, the Doctor went to Joe's Diner , where he prevented the Vake and the Hoomis from declaring war by having them sit down and share a meal while he ordered some food. After several dishes at the diner failed to appease his apatite, the Doctor returned to the TARDIS kitchen to find Alice making a tuna sandwich, which he ate.

Following a homing beacon on the psychic paper to San Francisco , the Doctor and Alice found proto-forms working to prepare the Earth for colonisation by the Astanzi with Battle Drones. However, the Doctor tricked the Battle Drones into eliminating the leading proto-form, and left the Astanzi a message to withdraw their invasion plans. Answering a summons from River written in the stars, the Doctor and Alice had to save her from a conviction for attempted theft of the Sacred Oar of Hydron.

After gaining the trust of the Mermin by reminding them of the time he saved them from Admiral Icktheus , the Doctor took River as a guilty criminal back to the TARDIS, where she revealed she was really after the astatine lace in the Oar for an anniversary present. Info from A Silent Influence needs to be added. The Doctor in the Oval Office. The Doctor had arranged to either have knitting or biplane lessons in , but had to cancel his plans when he got an anonymous invitation leading him to an American diner in There, he reunited with Amy, Rory and River Song, who he knew were hiding something from him.

There, he finally encountered the Silence , who were occupying Earth because the human race was unable to memorise the Silents , and was told by Amy that she was pregnant, not long before she shot at the little girl in the astronaut suit, TV : The Impossible Astronaut but missed the girl by a hair. For the next three months, the Doctor played the part of a perfectly-secured prisoner in Area 51 to give the Silence a false sense of security as part of a greater plan to uncover their plot. His plan included Canton and the FBI mercilessly hunting down Amy, Rory and River in a nationwide search and pretending to execute them when they were caught on their own nationwide search to find information about the Silence.

Once his companions had been rounded up, the Doctor decided to search for the little girl, sending his four friends off on separate leads, which led to Amy's kidnapping by the Silence. However, he managed to capture a wounded Silent and trick it into saying, "You should kill us all on sight". He had Canton record this and spliced it into footage of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, planting a post-hypnotic order in the minds of every human who would ever watch it. Much to his shock, she kissed him. After this, he resumed his travels with the Ponds.

However, he was left wondering about the identity of the little girl and Amy's pregnancy, which Amy told him she had got wrong. TV : Day of the Moon. In Hawaii , the Doctor discovered Professor Saurian , a reptilian scientist whose planet was facing an Ice Age, intended to make Earth his new home by unleashing dinosaurs across the world and triggering every volcano on Earth to erupt. The Doctor defeated his plans and saved Earth, but Saurian escaped. The Doctor designed a new bow tie with a perception filter that made people think bow ties were cool. However, when he tested it on an alien world, the masses found the bow tie irresistible and the Doctor found himself in the midst of countless aliens trying to steal it for themselves and unable to find the off switch that would turn the filter off, while his companions tried to pull him away from the riotous crowd.

He, Amy and Rory were chased by a lynch mob, and the bow tie was shredded apart in the fight to seize it, thus breaking its power over the alien mob. The Doctor aboard the Fancy trying to protect Captain Avery and his men. Receiving a distress signal, the Doctor arrived on a pirate ship, the Fancy , in the 17th century. After the crew, Rory and Avery's son, Toby , had been taken by the Siren, the Doctor, Amy and Avery discovered she was a virtual physician from an invisible and intangible spaceship occupying the same space as the Fancy , which was where all those she took ended up, as well as the TARDIS. As the Siren compulsively sought out the injured, the pirates took over the ship and left Earth to prevent her from reaching shore.

The Doctor followed a hypercube distress signal from his old Time Lord friend, the Corsair , to a sentient planetoid called House in a bubble universe in the hope that he was not the last Time Lord after all. TV : The Doctor's Wife. The Doctor and the Ponds persuaded bank robbers to retire from their criminal activates, COMIC : Reality Cheque and had Devela arrested for trying to claim insurance money by causing havoc in the city of Metrolos in the 41st century.

The Doctor prevented six Weeping Angels from tricking Mark Whitaker into saving his wife from a car accident in the past, preventing a temporal paradox they could feed on. The Doctor encountered the Squall , whom he prevented from sucking the memories out of the populace of London , and sent them back to their home dimension. The Doctor then took Rory and Amy to the Lexington International Bank crash, where they encountered alien con artists who used devices that let people put more time in their lives, unknowingly giving the con artists vast portions of their life.

The Doctor stopped the con artists - Symington, Blensinkop, and Jane Smythe - from cashing their investments. He also caused the bank crash as a side effect of this. The Doctor flew equine creatures called Halohawks across Kandalath , and then helped the Halohawks keeper, Jando , to entrap a gang of poachers. He discovered Saurian had created a rollback machine , with the intention to send Earth back to the Jurassic era. The Doctor sent the dinosaurs back in time, but was too late to stop Saurian from escaping again. Planning to go to Blackpool , the Doctor, Amy and Rory instead found themselves in a castle prison on Argone , where they discovered the dead body of Professor Piritus Eglon.

They also discovered that Eglon had created experimental creatures called the Screamers , who rampaged through the castle until the Doctor reversed the frequency of their scream, knocking them out. The Doctor and his friends took a cruise ship on the planet Ockora , which they discovered was a hunting expedition targeting a huge sea creature named Arix , whom the Doctor helped get justice against the expedition. After finding Leadworth overrun by dinosaurs, the Doctor travelled to the Jurassic era and discovered that Professor Saurian had rewritten history by building an asteroid shield to prevent the dinosaurs going extinct, which was destroyed when the Doctor broke Saurian's control over the dinosaurs.

Boarding a double-decker bus in , the Doctor discovered the bus was actually a shapeshifter who was luring people onto the bus and consuming them. The Doctor, Amy and Rory fought the Narduni , an alien race that abducted people and animals from Earth in the hopes of gene-splice them into perfect soldiers for their war. The Doctor undid their experiments and returned all the victims to their proper places, freeing the animals from their cages when they were about to be taken to private collections. Through his failed attempts to scan her for pregnancy, the Doctor realised Amy was a Ganger and that her true self was being held captive somewhere else in time , TV : A Good Man Goes to War and that he needed to scan the Flesh in its early stages in order to learn how to stop the signal to her.

After another storm caused a power fluctuation, the Gangers developed independence, and the Doctor attempted to broker peace between them and the humans. However, Cleaves killed one of the Gangers , causing the other Gangers to declare war. With the Gangers now distrusting him, the Doctor and the humans were forced to take refuge in the Flesh room, where they met a Ganger of the Doctor. However, Amy, thinking he was the Doctor's Ganger, confided to him directly that she had witnessed the Doctor die at Lake Silencio in his personal future.

Launched into a fit of terror, the Doctor lost control of himself and thrusted Amy against a wall in an attempt to figure out the reasons for his death. However, when he saw that he was frightening her, he remembered he was posing as his Ganger and buried his reasons for yelling "why" under the pretext that it was a lament for the Gangers' fates. However, Amy was convinced the Gangers were dangerous, and the other humans then lured the Doctor away from them to abandon him to the other Gangers. After winning the other Gangers over, the Doctor tried to evacuate everyone from the island before it was destroyed by the acid. However, Jennifer Lucas ' Ganger tried to kill them. Revealing the charade, the Doctor left his and Cleaves' Gangers to destroy themselves and Jennifer's Ganger with a spare sonic screwdriver.

Taking Cleaves and Dicken's Ganger to a press conference about the incident, the Doctor told them to make sure the Flesh was never abused again. At that moment, Amy went into labour, and the Doctor revealed to her that she was a Ganger herself. Promising that he and Rory would find her, the Doctor disconnected the link, dissolving Amy's Ganger. TV : The Almost People. Info from The Lesson of the Unholy Water needs to be added.

He also sent Rory to appeal to River, but she explained to him that she could not assist them until the time was right. After his masquerading as a Headless Monk caused chaos amongst the Church and the Monks, the Doctor's army won the battle after Colonel Manton had his soldiers disarm their own weapons to prevent any further casualties on their side. However, this was a trap set by Madame Kovarian , who escaped with the real Melody after dissolving the Ganger she had left in her place, and Strax and Church turncoat, Lorna Bucket , were killed in battle with the Headless Monks after Dorium's decapitation.

When River arrived, the Doctor finally discovered her identity: she was Melody. Confident that he would find the baby, the Doctor left his remaining allies to be taken home by River while he searched for her infant self, leaving River to tell Amy and Rory her identity. The Doctor listens to Amy's message with a heavy conscience. Searching for Melody, the Doctor became trapped in a nightmarish Escher-esque landscape populated by gravitational shifting aliens, but used his wits to escape, COMIC : Run, Doctor, Run and arrived in rural England and met Lum-Tree , a member of the Trylonian race, who were known across the universe for their invasions of many other worlds.

The Doctor tried to save a spaceship from crashing. TV : The Crash of the Elysium. After discovering a newspaper article on a crop circle in the form of his name, the Doctor travelled back to Leadworth to update Amy and Rory on his unsuccessful search. He was then forced at gunpoint by Mels, a childhood friend of the Ponds', to take her, Amy and Rory to to kill Adolf Hitler. Mels then revealed herself as Melody when she regenerated into her third incarnation, who the Doctor recognised as River Song, after getting hit by a stray bullet from Hitler's gun when he attacked the Teselecta.

After Melody poisoned him with poisonous lipstick, the Doctor kept the Teselecta from killing Melody for his murder, which he learned of from its records on the Silence. Though he succumbed to the poison, he left Melody a message for River Song, and Melody used her remaining regenerations to resurrect him after learning she was River Song. He then left her in the best hospital in the universe to be treated, with a diary to record their adventures. Though he now knew of his death through a download from the Teselecta , the Doctor elected not to tell Amy and Rory as they resumed travelling with him.

TV : Let's Kill Hitler. Info from Blackout needs to be added. The Doctor finds Amy's mind to be taken over. The Doctor helped repair a crashed space-freighter, and learned the space-freighter was on a mission connected to the Koth-Kulaar , whom was condemned to a dimension warp centuries prior, and also learnt of a mysterious Agent After ensuring the survivors of the freighter were saved, the Doctor and his companions left, with the Doctor left curious about Agent Turning his attention back to Agent 99, the Doctor and the Ponds travelled to Space Service asteroid, who were also searching for Agent Whilst there, the Doctor helped two Xragonis , alien artists and poets, to return home and, as a reward, the Xragonis told the Doctor the last known location of Agent Traveling to s France , the Doctor and the Ponds came to the aid of a couple of farmers whose crops of wheat failed to grow due to an underground alien bulb which had feasted and grown by extracting all the nutrients from the soil.

The Doctor found that the bulb had an aversion to wine , disposing of it when it was sufficiently weakened. After learning Agent 99's telepathic signature in the 33rd century , the Doctor went to Lossk , where he obtained the Tryptic Thought of Crystals of Lossk to locate Agent It led him and the Ponds to Quiok , the deadliest planet in the galaxy, where the Doctor finally met Agent 99 and learned he was the population's leader. Agent 99 asked the Doctor to return him to Earth.

Returning to Earth, the Doctor discovered he had been set up on his search for Agent 99 by Inspector Gleave and a secret council who wanted to use Agent 99 to conquer the galaxy. With Amy and Rory taken prisoner, the Doctor was unable to stop the council from using Agent 99's powers to free the Kuth-Kulaar from his exile. Devastated by his sacrifice, the Doctor left Agent 99's body drifting through space. Imprisoned in Gibraltar , the Doctor sent Amy and Rory to lead a resistance force against the Vroon battle fleet, which were using s Earth as their battleground with the Noorve.

Escaping, the Doctor discovered Sir Reginald Troupe was manipulating both armies so that he could become King of England and Emperor of the World, but the Doctor stopped him and the Vroon from destroying London. The Doctor investigates George's cupboard. TV : Night Terrors. Receiving a cry for help on his psychic paper , the Doctor and the Ponds were led to a council estate in search of the source, with the Doctor finding it to be a young boy named George , who was afraid his father, Alex , was going to send him away.

Further investigation led to the Doctor and Alex being sucked into the dollhouse in George's cupboard, along with Amy and Rory and several of George's neighbours. Inside the dollhouse, the Doctor discovered that George was a Tenza , who had come to Alex and his wife , as they could not have children; the dollhouse was where George put all his fears, but they were out of control. The Doctor encouraged Alex to help his son face his fears and everyone escaped the dollhouse, with the Doctor promising to check on George in case something else went awry. While Amy and Rory spent some time at their home, the Doctor saved Earth President Vera Fusek from the Daemervoids and made sure Earth was defended against any further attacks from them.

The amulet, containing Venom's life force, is used to heal the crippled Kingpin. This one-shot Sandra Bland Reflection presents a Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos Symbolism In The White Hotel to the events of Spider-Man: The Otherwhere Peter Parker dies and is resurrected with greater spider powers. Meanwhile, Rachel Summersa Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos from Kate Pryde's alternate future and daughter Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos Cyclops and Phoenix, arrived in the present, Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos the attention of mutant succubus Selenewho desired her immense all along the watchtower meaning force. Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoos Doctor and River Langston Hughes: Poem Analysis the retrieval of the Eternity Clock.

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