① The Truth About Beauty

Wednesday, July 07, 2021 4:25:13 PM

The Truth About Beauty

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BEAUTY SQUAD EP1: The Truth About Beauty - SHISEIDO

His mission is to keep you from believing it. And he uses the same manipulative craftiness he used in the garden—lies. The Bible says we have two other enemies that war against our spiritual selves: the world and the flesh. His schemes include a step-by-step progressive plan of one lie that leads to another lie that leads to another lie. The lies begin small with seemingly insignificant consequences and gradually grow large with more destructive repercussions. The real danger is when we agree with the thoughts and make them our own.

The only way to stop the cadence is to recognize the deceit in the score. But the only way to recognize the lie is to know the truth. We must know the truth so that when a counterfeit comes along, we recognize its lack of authenticity. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. Many of the thoughts that rumble and tumble about in our minds have been there for a long time. We might not even know when or how they started.

These thought patterns have the potential to grab hold of a mind and rule a life. Many strongholds are built for protection, but inevitably become prisons. When we reject the lies, the strongholds begin to crumble brick by brick. Once we recognize the lie and reject the lie, then we replace that lie with truth. As we begin to recognize the lies, reject the lies, and replace the lies with truth, we will be renewing our minds to think biblically and truthfully. Once we change our thinking, our actions and reactions or emotions will also change. We cannot act differently than we think, so real change begins in the mind.

You and I will never change the way we think because someone tells us to. It will only happen when we tell ourselves the truth. Rehearse it. Speak it. Believe it. The thoughts you consume will eventually consume you. Make them count. The influence of the world never ceases to exist. The desires of the flesh never disappear completely. The lies of the Enemy are never totally silenced. But the more you practice recognizing the lie, rejecting the lie, and replacing the lie with truth, the more power you will have to live the abundant life God planned all along. In each episode, Carley provides practical techniques for identifying and reframing negative thinking patterns.

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