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Political Advertisement Analysis

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Moreover, a fast exchange of information means companies get information quickly and can take steps to react to technological changes. A company which resists or avoid to change with the changing technology will soon run out of business. The condition of the economy puts significant impacts on the business of an organization. Factors like national interest rates and fiscal policies influence the sales of a company is it affects the purchasing power of consumers. If the economic condition of a nation is right, then the average income of people will be high, and they will have more money for expenditure. If people buy more, then businesses will make good profits. In addition to factors mentioned above, there are also other factors such as Gross Domestic Product GDP , currency rate fluctuation, stock quotes, rate of inflation, tax policies, unemployment level, substitute market that affects a business.

Therefore, a company must analyze the current economic condition before stepping into a new business venture. There are various factors such as waste management and disposal, energy-saving technologies, pollution, environment protection laws, animal protection legislation, forest and wildlife protection laws, clean air, climate change, and clean water. All of these factors influence the way a business is operated. For example, in the past, there were no strict laws on companies for waste management and disposal, but in the present times, the deteriorating condition of environment and increasing pollution there are strict laws for businesses to come up with efficient methods for waste management and waste disposal.

Therefore, the environment factor is one of the most critical factors of STEEPLE analysis that a business is required to analyze from time to time to avoid any environmental violation. Political factor decides the easy of doing business for a company. The examples of political factors are political stability, political situation, trade agreements, state and governmental interference, tariffs or restrictions, political parties, political laws, lobbying, etc. All of these factors influence a business deeply. A business needs clearance from the legislative authority in the state to run the business smoothly.

Legal factors mean all the factors which will decide whether your business is legitimate or not and also affects your business operations. Legal factors are concerned with employment law, consumer law, discrimination laws, labor law, health, and safety law, etc. A company must learn about all the legal laws of a state where they want to set up their business. For example, if you are entering an International market, then you must first learn about all legal laws and approvals to run your business to avoid any constitutional violations. Ethics can be defined as a general code of ethics , followed by people of a particular religion. Similarly, ethical factors are those factors that help a company to decide what is a good or bad business deed.

The example of ethics is the morality, duties, behavior, and integrity of a company. Ethical factors determine what is good or bad for consumers and employees of an organization. The PEST tools consider Political, environmental, social, and technological factors for the analysis of external factors, whereas the STEEPLE analysis tool considers Social, technological, environmental, economic, political, legal, and ethical factors for the study of external factors.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Now Die Zeit presents our essential work unacknowledged in a seriously flawed version. Anarchist thinkers, their ideas, and the extraordinary story of an often misunderstood strain of radical political thought. Matthew Adams is an historian of British intellectual history, with a special interest in the development of anarchism as a political tradition. Open Navigation. The Political Compass 20 years. German and US Conservatives have Little In Common While across the US the German election has been depicted in the mainstream media as a defeat for the ruling Conservative Christian Democrat Party, the reality of conservatism in Germany — and most of Europe — is that it bears little resemblence to what it means to Americans.

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