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John Lennox Evolution

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Prof. John Lennox Rejects Evolutionary Anthropogenesis

Others, however, believe that the creation days symbolize a much greater length of time and that the universe is billions of years old. Lennox presents a rather complex account of creation, based largely on the analysis of Hebrew semantics. Though he believes that the creation describes twenty-four hour days, he suggests that the initial creation at the beginning of Genesis 1: 1 took place before day one. He highlights that the first verse in Genesis establishes a beginning of the universe — the heavens and the earth — then, an undefined time elapses to day one, which occurs in verse three.

Lennox argues that because there is a gap between the beginning of the universe and the start of day one, the universe is of indefinite age. Furthermore, he is hesitant to assume that the days were consecutive. He points out that the definite article is associated with only the sixth and seventh day in the original Hebrew; the use of the definite article highlights the importance of those days over the previous five. Such complexity of the text, he argues, might suggest that the days were periods when God spoke new creation and matter into being and that they may have been separated by indefinite periods of time. Significantly, Lennox concludes that the universe might be ancient based on his reading of the Bible, without even appealing explicitly to science.

Lennox, however, leaves no room for human evolution in his reading of Genesis. In the final chapters of his book he writes on the origin of human beings and the significance of Genesis within the whole story of the Bible. Through textual analysis of the creation of humanity in Genesis , he dismisses theories that state Adam and Eve came from nonhuman forms like advanced Neolithic farmers.

Lennox explains that Genesis proclaims the importance of humanity to God, considering that they are described as being made in His very image. DNA is a mechanism of change more sophisticated than Darwin could ever have imagined. At its heart lies detailed instructions for how every living creature is made. Its very complexity and success raises the question: Could God be the greatest scientist of all or merely a distraction from the truth? This programme unravels the arguments on both sides. Author of The Genesis Enigma which argues a curious harmony Author of The Genesis Enigma which argues a curious harmony between the sequence of events in Genesis and the evolutionary paradigm.

Associate Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Provides and demonstrates insight into how modern science understands the molecular changes that take place in the birds that so fascinated Darwin. Philosopher of Science and insightful commentator on Philosopher of Science and insightful commentator on evolutionary biology. Argues the compatibility between evolution and belief in God. Has lectured both nationally and internationally on all Has lectured both nationally and internationally on all areas relating theology and theological ethics with different aspects of the biosciences, especially ecology and genetics. American philosopher, writer and cognitive scientist.

His research centres on the philosophy of mind, science and biology, particularly as those fields relate to evolutionary biology and cognitive science. A firm atheist and secularist. A prominent member of the New Atheists. Argues that the evolutionary paradigm can adequately Argues that the evolutionary paradigm can adequately explain not only phenomena in the biological world but in the social world of religion and morality as well.

There is, therefore, no need for a creator. American geneticist and author. Profoundly skilled in Profoundly skilled in communicating the complexities of molecular biology to a lay audience and in linking this information to the big issues of the programme. Author of "The God Gene" which argues that spiritual experience is merely a function of the brain. Editor of the academic journal Science and Christian Denis Alexander on why chance is not a credible explanation for the success of life in our ordered universe. Editor of the academic journal Science and Christian Belief. A committed Darwinian and a Christian, he argues there is no contradiction between science and belief in a creator.

American physician-geneticist noted for his landmark Historian of Science at the Open University and the Author of several biographies of Charles Darwin. Professor and Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology, Discussion of intelligent design brings consideration of two arguments: one side being the "mainstream," or physics and cosmology; and another, challenging the mainstream, that of biology. In matters of physics and cosmology, scientists have discovered evidence of fine-tuning. These arguments point to a super intelligence being involved. On the matter of biological evolution, mutation and selection do occur, he acknowledged. We can't assume that one level of explanation is sufficient. Evolution does not necessarily entail atheism. Lennox gave an example of a person seeing a car, thinking it was made by human when in fact it was made by robots.

Given that the robots were a product of man, the assumption is not wrong. He noted that evolution means many things: change, artificial selection, and microevolution, none of which are controversial. Macroevolution, the appearance of the dramatically new, is controversial. Bunch applauded the idea of having a lecturer such as Lennox on a college campus, noting that the purpose of education is to teach people to think. He said that intelligent design is a profound philosophical idea but is not really science, which calls for a hypothesis to be tested. That says it all," said Bunch. Kristensen, who teaches evolutionary biology, acknowledged that the challenges of teaching science in secondary school are large.

Studying the idea of intelligent design has forced him to delve into philosophy and the history of science.

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