① The Importance Of Pauls Appeal To Caesar

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The Importance Of Pauls Appeal To Caesar

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Why Did Paul Appeal To Caesar???

Situated just 60 miles off the Syrian coast, it became a refuge for Jews hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. The Apocrypha notes settlements there during the Maccabean Revolt 1 Macc. So, it comes as no surprise that several synagogues dotted the island. During the persecution that followed the martyrdom of Stephen, some Christians took refuge on Cyprus Acts Paphos first became famous when mythology set the city as the first home of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, after she was born from sea foam. When the Romans annexed Cyprus in 58 BC and later made the island its own province, Paphos became the seat of the military government.

We need to remember this basic truth when we preach and teach the Gospel in the culture in America which is increasingly becoming less genuine Christian and more pagan. Indeed, as someone has well said "When the effect of the Gospel is all important in the church, the force of the Gospel is unstoppable in the world. William Barclay - Cyprus was a Roman province, famous for its copper mines and its shipbuilding industry. Paul never chose an easy way. He and Barnabas preached in Paphos, the capital of the island. Paphos was notorious for its worship of Venus, the goddess of love. Paphos was "a great center for the worship of Aphrodite [Venus]. It was attended by great crowds not only from all parts of Cyprus but also from surrounding countries THOUGHT - The modern reader needs to be aware that the ancient culture that Paul confronted with the Gospel was not much different from modern day culture where ethics and morals have been largely jettisoned by a significant portion of Americans.

And yet the Gospel is still the power of God and is able to penetrate into the darkest of cultures! Below is more detail on the mythological figure Aphrodite main article on Aphrodite. Before it was proved by archaeology it was understood that the cult of Aphrodite had been established before the time of Homer c. Archaeology has established that Cypriots venerated a fertility goddess before the arrival of the Greeks, in a cult that combined Aegean and eastern mainland aspects. Female figurines and charms found in the immediate vicinity date as far back as the early third millennium. The temenos was well established before the first structures were erected in the Late Bronze Age: "There was unbroken continuity of cult from that time until AD when the Roman Emperor Theodosius I outlawed all pagan religions and the sanctuary fell into the ruins in which we find it today.

The Cinyradae, or descendants of Cinyras, were the chief priests, Greek by name but of Phoenician origin. Their power and authority were very great; but it may be inferred from certain inscriptions that they were controlled by a senate and an assembly of the people. There was also an oracle here. After its destruction by an earthquake it was rebuilt by Vespasian, on whose coins it is represented, as well as on earlier and later ones, and especially in the style on those of Septimius Severus. Acts When they reached Salamis, they began to proclaim the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews; and they also had John as their helper.

When they reached Salamis see map above , see Wikipedia on Salamis - Apparently the voyage from Seleucia was without incident including no storms,etc. One can only imagine what good news the crew members on this vessel must have heard from Barnabas and Saul! We will see when we get to heaven! Note their missionary strategy in this passage - 1 to the cities, 2 to the synagogues and if they refuse to listen, to the Gentiles and carrying out ministry as a team Paul's speech on the Aeropagus in Acts 17 being and exception.

William Ramsay on Seleucia to Salamis - As they were able to make the harbour of Salamis, on the south coast, they were not impeded by westerly winds, which commonly blew throughout the summer see p. With such winds, they would have run for the Cilician coast, and worked along it westward with the aid of land breezes and the current p. But they probably started on the opening of the sailing season March 5.

St Paul the Traveller - online - go to page Darrell Bock feels "the account of Paul's ministry has two parts: his journeys Acts and his trials Acts They began to proclaim the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews - The imperfect tense indicates they kept proclaiming it over and over! Why did they go first to the Jewish Synagogues? Stanley Toussaint has some additional thoughts to consider there is some repetition - It was necessary that the apostles go to the Jews first for a number of reasons.

First, the coming of the earthly kingdom depended on Israel's response to the coming of Christ cf. Second, only after Israel rejected the Gospel could Paul devote himself to the Gentiles. Third, the message of Jesus is fundamentally Jewish in that the Old Testament, the Messiah, and the promises are all Jewish. On "the Jew first," cf. Acts ; Rom. Bible Knowledge Commentary. Notice also that synagogues is plural indicating there were two or more Jewish synagogues in Salamis.

Ramsay writes "There must have been a large Jewish colony in Salamis, with more synagogues than one. Cypriote Jews are often mentioned in Acts , , ; and Barnabas himself was a Cypriote. Have you ever shared the Gospel with a Jewish person? Remember Paul's pattern - to the Jew first! Three wonderful ministries with which I have had the privilege of being associated for almost 2 decades are the following if you do not support any Jewish outreach, you might want to check them out if the Spirit leads - Chosen People Ministries , The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry and.

Jews for Jesus. And to encourage you to reach out you might be surprised at the reception by your Jewish friend! One Caveat - If you share the Gospel with your Jewish friend, be prepared that they may bring up the great Christian reformer Martin Luther's treatment of the Jews and his legacy in Nazi Germany! See article. He is considered the founder of the Church of Cyprus. His bones are believed to be located in the nearby monastery named after him. The word was used to designate the buildings other than the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem where the Jews also congregated for worship.

Historically, the Synagogues originated in the Babylonian captivity after the BC destruction of the temple by Nebuchadnezzar and served as places of worship and instruction. Messianic commentator Steven Ger adds that "Within every Jewish community was at least one synagogue. In fact, the Jewish population of Salamis was sufficiently extensive to require and sustain several synagogues. The synagogue served as a communal Jewish oasis in the midst of the vast Gentile world, enabling the Jewish community to remain educated in their faith and observant in their practices.

In addition, the synagogue also served as a center in which interested Gentiles might investigate Judaism; an environment in which they could, as God-fearers, proselytes of the gate or full proselytes, worship the one true God. The variegated matrix of the first century synagogue would understandably prove fertile soil for responding positively to news of the Jewish messiah. Paul would capitalize on this accessible network of synagogues to strategically propagate the gospel, using the synagogues, city by city, as a strategic bridge to penetrate the Roman world There is no indication in either Acts or the epistles that Paul viewed following this model as incongruous or incompatible with his calling as the "apostle to the Gentiles.

Paul's commitment to this principle was so great that in the event the city's Jewish population was too small to sustain a synagogue, Paul first went instead to the Jewish place of prayer Acts It was only after the Jews in the synagogue had staunchly and overtly rejected that gospel that Paul would even attempt a direct approach to the Gentiles, even when, as in Athens, he was aggravated by the Gentiles' overt idolatry Acts In both word and deed, the apostle to the Gentiles was unambiguous in articulating the inherent priority of Jewish evangelism see Rom. It means to announce, with focus upon the extent to which the announcement or proclamation extends and so to proclaim throughout. It means to declare plainly, openly and loudly!

It was used of solemn religious messages. Marvin Vincent says kataggello means ""to proclaim with authority, as commissioned to spread the tidings throughout, down among ED : cf prefix "kata" those that hear them, with the included idea of celebrating or commending. If you have time, take a moment and observe these 18 NT uses of kataggello noting specifically what was proclaimed e. The Word of God - That is, the Gospel. It is interesting that Luke does not describe the effects of the Gospel in Salamis.

We will find out in Heaven! Gangel adds that "Assuming Christians were already there, however, this was not a pioneer effort. The focus could well have been upon confirming Cypriot Jews already committed to Christ. Robertson observes "There were probably others also in the company Acts John Mark was like a college student who does short term missions work in the summer but as we soon discover, his "short term" was considerably "shortened" Acts Huperetes describes a a helper who willingly submits himself to carrying out the will of the one over him.

In John , 45, 46 it is used of the Temple "police" or guards. The subordinate official who waits to accomplish the commands of his superior. Servants of the word describes these men as focused on the word, listening and acting according to the word. These were the men down in the ship's galley, doing one thing -- rowing and with their eyes on one man, the man standing at the front of the hull, shouting "Row,Row, Row"!

This suggests an interesting picture of John Mark as the helper of Barnabas and Saul. He most likely functioned like our modern day ministry "interns. Here are Luke's uses of huperetes 6 of 18 NT uses. Acts is the only use translated " helper ". Here are the other 18 translations - attendant 1 , helper 1 , minister 1 , officer 1 , officers 13 , servants 3. Jack Arnold applies Acts - What does a missionary do? A missionary goes and spreads the gospel of Christ to foreign lands or places which are barren to the gospel or relatively untouched for Christ.

Did you know there are about 2. Over half the world knows nothing of Christ. We must pray that God will raise up laborers for the harvest. Also our local church must send out missionaries who are spreading the gospel and who are committed to establishing indigenous local churches in foreign lands. God has given us the command. The Blessings, Burdens and Blunders of Missionaries. We must pay the price to see the Great Commission accomplished in our generation.

As a soldier, you are to obey orders. There are many mistaken ideas abroad today as to how the Holy Spirit leads us. Young Christians often get the idea that they are to be like robots, automatons, ruled by computer-impulses which come from the Spirit. They think we are to sit and wait until we get one of those. I remember a young man at Dallas Seminary when I was a student there who thought that was the way the Spirit worked, so he would stop at the foot of a staircase and ask God to show him whether he should go up the right side, or the left.

He would pray about whether to put his hat on in the morning, or not. If God ran our lives like that we would be nothing but mechanical beings. Animals are run like that by instincts, but not men. God is not interested in such antics. He is interested in our understanding that he is to live within us. He will direct us precisely at times and when he does, don't ignore it , but when he doesn't, move out where you are with the confident expectation that God is with you and will open the doors to make a way for you. When you follow that pattern, you are bound to find life exciting. God is very creative, and he is always doing something surprising, unexpected. You cannot improve upon the strategy of the Holy Spirit. No one could anticipate the right way to approach these Cyprian cities, and plan out an attack in some systematic way, and expect it to succeed.

This is the problem with the church in the twentieth century. We are forever calling conventions, councils, retreats, and conferences to try to decide where we ought to go next, to program it all, structure it, organize it, and move along carefully planned lines as though the whole thing depended on us. That is why the church is faltering, and failing, and has lost its note of excitement.

The strategy belongs to the Holy Spirit. He is the only one that knows how to reach a city, or a country, or a nation -- how to proceed. He already has men planted here and there, ready to respond whenever his people go out to proclaim the truth. That is what Paul and Barnabas found. I heard a wonderful example of how the Holy Spirit works along this line recently. A friend told me that the Christian World Liberation Front was trying to do something about the topless and bottomless bars in San Francisco. Finally the management became quite upset and sent out a bouncer to order them off the place.

But these Christians, knowing they had a right to orderly protest, refused to leave. One night the bouncer got very angry, and hit one of the leaders square in the mouth. The next night they were back again, not knowing how to proceed, but counting on the Lord. This time the bouncer came out and ordered them to go, and they said, No not unless they could go in and pray for the people first. Surprisingly, the management agreed and invited them in. They all went in and the place was absolutely dead silent. These Christians stood up on the stage by the microphone, surrounded by naked girls, and led the whole place in prayer.

One fellow said he peeked while the rest were praying and saw the bouncer going around quietly closing all the doors so they wouldn't be disturbed by any noise from the street. They had a tremendous opportunity to speak the truth to people, who became utterly different in their demeanor when they were confronted with this kind of a contrast between the right and the wrong. Now that is the radicalism of the Holy Spirit. You cannot improve on it. That is what we find all through the book of Acts; this remarkable combination of divine sovereignty and human responsibility which, working together, co-laborers with God, produces exciting situations and climactic circumstances where anything can happen, yet which almost always opens a wide and fruitful door for ministry.

Acts When they had gone through the whole island as far as Paphos, they found a magician, a Jewish false prophet whose name was Bar-Jesus,. KJV Acts And when they had gone through the isle unto Paphos, they found a certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew, whose name was Barjesus:. When the pure Word of God is proclaimed whether in preaching or teaching , you can "rest" assured that our mortal Enemy who is roaming around 1 Peter will send his demons to oppose, assail, attack, twist, hinder, obstruct, impede, inhibit, retard, pervert, mislead, misrepresent, distort, revile, counterfeit, imitate, simulate, feign, falsify, etc, the Word of God, the Word of Truth, as well as attacking the one who proclaims it making us discouraged, despondent, hopeless, lacking enthusiasm, lacking confidence, pessimistic, disillusioned, despairing, dispirited, fearful, depressed, and the list goes on!

As they say in Latin "praemonitus, praemunitus" which loosely translated means Forewarned is forearmed! Charles Hummel wrote that our "greatest danger is letting the urgent secular things crowd out the important divine things. Remember that life is too short for us to do everything we want to do, but it is long enough for us to do everything God wants us to do. Warren Wiersbe points out that "This event is an illustration of the lesson that Jesus taught in the Parable of the Tares Matt.

Jack Arnold reminds us that "The enemy of the Gospel is always an unseen enemy, for Christians struggle against the very powers of darkness. Bar-Jesus was the best specimen hell could produce! When they had gone through the whole island as far as Paphos see map above - Barnabas and Saul were not wasting time just "passing through" but were intentionally proclaiming Acts throughout the island the heart penetrating Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Clearly they did not go through the whole square miles. More likely they may have visited every Jewish synagogue on the island. Polhill points out that "The old settlement of Paphos was originally established by the Phoenicians and lay some seven miles to the southeast of the new city of that name. This original settlement had been destroyed by earthquake in 15 B. The new city had thus been built during the Roman period in Roman style. When missionaries are sent out in teams, they can encourage, exhort and uphold one another. This is a very practical way to deal with the discouragement, depression and disillusionment that comes with missionary work.

Another New Testament principle of missions is that the missionaries went to the cities, the cultural and population centers, to preach and establish a local church. The indigenous church in the city then began to reach the country area around the city. It is interesting that Luke uses this verb figuratively in the prophecy to Jesus' mother Mary that "a sword will pierce dierchomai - go through even your own soul—to the end that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed. It revealed the thought in the heart of Pilate, that he loved popularity better than the truth.

It revealed the thought of the heart of Judas, that he loved gold better than he loved his Master. It revealed the thought in the heart of Caiaphas, that he would keep to old customs rather than to the right. It revealed the thought in the hearts of the disciples, and showed what poor timid, trembling hearts they had. The cross is the great touchstone; wherever it comes, it tests and tries us, even as the crucible tries the metal that is put into it, and lets us know what manner of men we are.

Dost thou love Christ? Dost thou glory in his cross? Then it is well with thee. But dost thou despise the cross? Dost thou set up thine own righteousness in opposition to it? Art thou depending upon anything beside Jesus Christ and him crucified? Then his cross reveals thee to be self-righteous, and dead in trespasses and sins. They found a magician, a Jewish false prophet whose name was Bar-Jesus - Bar is the Aramaic word meaning "Son of" and Jesus is the Latin form of the name "Joshua" which gives him the name "Son of Joshua. Satan is a deceiver and so even the name of this "son of the Devil" suggests in some way he seeks to counterfeit the true way of salvation, to " make crooked the straight ways of the Lord.

It was no accident that this man had attached himself to the Roman proconsul. The kingdom of darkness is eager to influence those who rule. This man was claiming to be a follower of Jesus, but what he taught was absolutely contrary to what Jesus taught. Today we have cults such as the Mormons , Jehovah Witnesses , Unitarians , Unity , Christian Science , Armstrongism , Spiritism , Rosicrucianism , Bahaism and many others who seize upon the name of Jesus, claim the name of Christianity and yet teach unchristian and unbiblical doctrine. They have mixed much error with a little truth and are cults because they deny the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

The age we are living in is the age of the cults and all of them are false and Satanically inspired. We live in an age when the forces of hell will openly challenge the forces of God. It is frightening, but exciting, since it will give us an opportunity to see God work for Christians in supernatural ways to put down the forces of evil. Magician magos is derived from the Persian word magus meaning "great" thus "great, powerful men" and in the plural "magi" as in Mt , 7, 16, magi referred to the high priestly caste Persians also Medes and Babylonians who are affectionately called the "wise men. The Septuagint uses magos in Daniel when King Nebuchadnezzar desired to know the meaning of his dream and called "the magicians epaoidos - one that uses charms or incantations , the conjurers magos , the sorcerers pharmakos.

John MacArthur adds this note on magos - They were well-versed in astronomy and astrology, agriculture, mathematics, and history. They were involved in various occult practices and were famous for their ability to interpret dreams cf. Such was their political power and influence that no Persian ruler came to power without their approval Not only were they true magi, but they surely had been strongly influenced by Judaism, quite possibly even by some of the prophetic writings, especially that of Daniel.

They appear to be among the many God-fearing Gentiles who lived at the time of Christ, a number of whom—such as Cornelius and Lydia Acts —2; —are mentioned in the New Testament. Four meanings are found together in almost every age. The specific meaning of a "member of the Persian priestly caste" which acc. Strabo, XV, 3, 15 tells of a fire cult; acc. Their religious ideas are thought to be strongly influenced by philosophy; for this reason the Gk. This idea occurs again and again in Democr. If later this is linked up with a Romantic veneration for the exotic, this assertion, though it cannot be checked in detail, may contain a grain of truth and may point to a historical cultural and intellectual link. Something of the same may be seen in the more likely account of the education of Protagoras by the magi at the time of the campaign of Xerxes c.

Even if this account is to be rejected on chronological grounds, the total presentation does at least show the possibility of such a contact. Philo Spec. The content of the Gk. Obviously, along the traditional lines of the magi, there was a close, inward and indissoluble connection between philosophy and religion, as may be seen in the strongly religious form of the doctrine of the two principles, which is also known in the Gk.

This explains how, with a strong restriction of understanding, a second meaning could develop out of the original sense, with no national limitation. It is no longer possible to discern the deeper reasons for the development. More generally "the possessor and user of supernatural knowledge and ability. He foretells the future the way Socrates will die, Aristot. Comparing Joseph. The boundary line with the next meaning is fluid; it should. His arts are connected with the name of a Persian magus Ost h anes II, , 28 ff. In a derogatory sense it may also be used for the missionary of a new religion whose success can then be explained in terms of the use of magical compulsion, Act.

The pagan thus distinguishes sharply between a divine gift which is given, and forced demonic magic. Figuratively, "deceiver," "seducer. Later it is, of course, very common. These men 1 claim to be a prophet from God and 2 utter falsehoods under the name of divine prophecies. They he pretended to foretell things to come Mt. Pseudoprophetes - 11x in the NT - Matt. False prophets are more deadly than physical wolves and other predators, because they can kill not just the body but the soul.

I recently met a man who had just been born again and had a great hunger for the Word of God, but he supplement this by listening to Joel Osteen! I tried in vain to reason with him from Scripture but he became angry with me saying that he liked the "positive" message that Osteen preaches. I told him 1 to find a mature believer to disciple him and 2 go to a church that preaches the Word of God, preferrably expositionally. He was only minimally "receptive" to my pleas and suggestions. Sadly, I no longer have contact with him. False teachers can "shipwreck" one's faith! Evangelism Explosion — starts off with that exploratory question:If you were to die tonight and stand before God, why should He let you into His heaven?

Steven Cole - When we share the gospel, we engage the enemy of souls in spiritual combat, so we must be prepared for spiritual battle. When we share the gospel, we engage the enemy of souls in spiritual combat. Note three tactics of the devil:. Acts 7 who was with the proconsul, Sergius Paulus, a man of intelligence. This man summoned Barnabas and Saul and sought to hear the word of God. Who was with the proconsul - Who refers to Bar-Jesus from the previous passage.

Sergius Paulus was the proconsul see discussion below of the Roman senatorial province of Cyprus. Senatorial provinces were led by the proconsul and imperial provinces were led by a governor like Pilate in Palestine. Here is a good example of the accuracy of Luke the historian. We learn this occurred in A. A T Robertson - Luke used to be sharply criticized for applying this term to Sergius Paulus on the ground that Cyprus was a province under the appointment of the emperor with the title of propraetor and not under the control of the senate with the title of proconsul. That was true B. Two inscriptions have been found with the date A. Barclay points out that "These were intensely superstitious times—and most great men, even an intelligent man like Sergius Paulus, kept private wizards, fortune-tellers who dealt in magic and spells.

Bar-Jesus, or Elymas—an Arabic word which means the skillful one—saw that if the governor was won for Christianity he would no longer be needed. Paul dealt effectively with him. Sergius Paulus, a man of intelligence - Sergius was clearly an intelligent man, but just as important, he was understanding and prudent KJV. Intelligence is the most common translation but I think that " intelligence " is not the most accurate reflection of the original Greek term sunetos for it speaks more of one who is wise, understanding, prudent the KJV translation , able to see the various aspects of a given situation and arrive at the best assessment, one which allows for the best course of action, which is a wonderful outset for the leader of a country, Sergius of course being the ruling authority over the entire island province of Cyprus.

As a medical doctor I have had the privilege of being around many extremely intelligent men and women high IQ's , but sadly not all of them manifested a "sunetos" spirit of understanding and prudence in the everyday affairs of life. In a word Sergius was a man possessing sunesis understanding. Sergius Paulus immediately crushes that ridiculous " straw man " argument! Longnecker notes that "Cyprus was an island of great importance from very early times, being situated on the shipping lanes between Syria, Asia Minor, and Greece.

In 57 B. In 27 B. In 22 B. Augustus relinquished its control to the senate, and, like other senatorial provinces, it was administered by a proconsul. It is interesting that sunetos in the Septuagint is frequently associated with a trait that is desirable in one who is in a leadership position e. The word group of sunetos, suniemi, et al, is also not surprisingly very common in the Septuagint in the Wisdom literature where the focus is on "wisdom" and not on "intelligence" per se. Sunetos - 4x in 4v - Matt. The KJV translates all uses with the English word prudent.

Jack Arnold - Sergius Paulus had all the qualities which are supposed to make people happy, but he was still searching for the truth that brings rest and peace to a troubled soul. The Holy Spirit was operating in a marvelous way. Paul and Barnabas had no idea that they would be able to have a hearing before the governor. However, Sergius Paulus was prepared by the Holy Spirit to hear the gospel and he sent for the missionaries. We can never anticipate how the Holy Spirit is going to work things out. Sergius Paulus must have known all the Greek and Roman philosophies and been acquainted with the mystery religions of that day, but none of them solved his problem of the heart.

Had he reached a state of satisfaction through these philosophies and religions, he would not have hungered for something else. Paul and Barnabas had no idea that they would be able to have a hearing before the governor of the island, the proconsul, the man placed there by the Roman senate and responsible for the control and governance of the whole island. But that man, prompted by the Holy Spirit, though he was a pagan Roman, sent for Paul and Barnabas, and asked them to speak to him the words of truth.

You can never anticipate how the Holy Spirit is going to work things out. But Paul and Barnabas came and began to preach to the governor. This man summoned Barnabas and Saul and sought to hear the word of God - In the book Experiencing God, one of Henry Blackaby's main points at least the one I still recall 15 years later is to look for where God is acting and determine to join Him! Luke gives us a beautiful example in this section. And yet is summons the missionaries and desires to hear the word of God!

This is clearly, unequivocally doing a supernatural work on the stony, uncircumcised heart of this pagan proconsul! And note carefully that the proconsul is not seeking the Word of God because he is a man of intelligence. In fact that even makes this more of a miraculous, supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, for Paul later would write. THOUGHT - As you go about living your life, do you do so with your senses trained cf Heb to be on the lookout for those lost people both poor and rich you encounter in whom God is clearly doing a supernatural work? And then do you boldly join God where He is working? If you begin to live you life with this supernatural, other worldly focus, God's Spirit will bring you into some of the most supernaturally satisfying situations you will ever be blessed to experience in this short life.

It is used of the brother of the prodigal son when he "summoned one of the servants" to inquire what was happening in his father's house Lk The translation summoned is an accurate reflection of the fact that Sergius Paulus was the man with authority and thus the verb would also include the sense of their being ordered to come to the proconsul's presence. John Piper comments on the fact that this Roman ruler of Cyprus sought to hear the word of God writing "This is amazing. He is the ruler of all Cyprus. These missionaries are absolute nobodies in the Roman world. They have no human authority. They have no political standing. They have no world ecclesiastical body behind them. They are unknowns. But they are called by God, sent by God, and now it is God that, against all odds, has gotten them a hearing on their first mission with the governor of the whole island of Cyprus.

It's like Cornelius all over again. A pagan who wants to hear the Word of God. And God—through worship and fasting—calls nobodies from Antioch to make the connection. Acts 8 But Elymas the magician for so his name is translated was opposing them, seeking to turn the proconsul away from the faith. KJV Acts But Elymas the sorcerer for so is his name by interpretation withstood them, seeking to turn away the deputy from the faith. It bears repeating Forewarned is forearmed! Expect it. Be prayerfully prepared as these missionaries were by being Word centered and Spirit driven. As someone has well said "When you open heaven you also open hell! Jack Arnold - The church today is still in a battle for the minds and souls of men.

The church has always faced, and will always face, Satanic opposition when the gospel is preached, for it is penetrating into Satan's kingdom of darkness. The enemies of the gospel try to keep the gospel away from people, and if they cannot keep it away, they try through ridicule and social pressure, to keep people from committing their lives to Christ. Satanic opposition is real, but God is greater than Satan and He will push back the forces of darkness. But - An important term of contrast. What is Luke contrasting? In context it is the Word of God Acts , the Gospel which is able to save the soul of Sergius and was proclaimed by Saul and Barnabas versus Elymas opposition to the Gospel and his attempts to dissuade Sergius Paulus.

This is a classic battle of spiritual forces in the heavenlies. This is the classic clash of two kingdoms, and do not forget that it is a clash that repeats every time we share the Gospel! Elymas the magician for so his name is translated - Elymas the magician sorcerer, see magos. The name " magician " is somewhat misleading because this term does not refer to magicians as we normally think of today where magic is performed for entertainment. The magicians most Americans are familiar with are those that practice some form of illusion which has nothing to do with the supernatural world. As Wikipedia says this form of magic "is a performing art in which audiences are entertained by staged tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible feats using natural means.

For example, Wikipedia says that especially during the Middle Ages "Christian authors categorised a diverse range of practices—such as enchantment, witchcraft , incantations , divination , necromancy , and astrology —under the label magic. The KJV translates it as "interpreted" or "interpretation" which is accurate. Methermeneuo - 8x in 8v - Matt. No uses in the Septuagint. Was opposing them - " Opposing " is the first word in the Greek sentence which emphasizes the intensity of Elymas' opposition and the imperfect tense signifies that Elmas kept up his attempts to oppose Barnabas and Saul.

Yes, he was " opposing " these two men, but in actuality he as Satan's messenger was opposing God's messengers, God's Word Gospel and ultimately God Himself! Guess who wins this spiritual battle? It is interesting that Luke used the same word anthistemi to describe trying to argue with Stephen, Luke recording "they were not able to resist anthistemi the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke. The apostles had received the promise from their Lord before His crucifixion and they surely passed this encouraging, soul strengthening truth to other believers including Barnabas, Saul and Stephen "So make up your minds not to prepare beforehand to defend yourselves, for term of explanation I will give you utterance and wisdom which none of your opponents antikeimai will be able will absolutely not have the dunamai , the supernatural power to resist anthistemi or refute anteipon.

To set one's self against. Anthistemi means to arrange in battle against an opponent and thus pictures a face to face confrontation so to speak. It resist by actively opposing pressure. It was used to refer to an army arranging in battle against the enemy force and so to array against. Paul uses anthistemi in the context of spiritual warfare like a commanding general calling the saints at Ephesus "Therefore, take up aorist imperative - Do it now! It is urgent! Leading someone to Christ is not merely an academic exercise, nor is it a matter of making a successful sales pitch.

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