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Personal Narrative: Digging Camp

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Who is Jeanue? Why hasn't Respawn done anything to stop it? I had been trying to answer those questions for months. Now, it appeared that all of my work had been capsized. I felt a twinge in the bottom of my stomach. The "him" here apparently referred to me. Had I really been hoodwinked this badly? Was I trusting the wrong people? I closed my laptop, delirious, confused, and wounded. The story had been blown to smithereens, and if the report was to be believed, multiple sources were taking me for a ride. All that was left was a slew of exasperating unknowables, but after spending my summer in the strange waters of Titanfall fandom, none of that was a surprise.

Let's wind the timeline back to the very beginning. Titanfall 2 was released in to glowing reviews. The game never quite crested the heights of other multiplayer shooters, but it established itself as something of an underground classic; frequently endorsed by both FPS scholars, and a devout, fervent fanbase. But hopes that Respawn would continue to cultivate the Titanfall franchise started to wane with the insurgent success of Apex Legends in , and today, the game receives limited, skeletal support from the developer.

This is often a recipe for disaster — Team Fortress 2 has been infamously overrun by bots as Valve has stepped away from active development — and unfortunately, the same fate came for Titanfall. So, in early , reports started to proliferate about a hacker, or a team of hackers, who had made it their mission to sabotage Titanfall 2. The game's small, dedicated streaming community suffered from frequent DDOS attacks, usually from the moment they loaded into a match. The alleged culprit?

A figure known only as "Jeanue. Much is unknown about Jeanue, but there are a few things that most everyone agreed upon. Jeanue had managed to secure unprecedented control over the Titanfall multiplayer apparatus — utilizing something the community refers to as the "Blacklist. Oftentimes Jeanue would appear in the Twitch chat of his targets, bragging about another successful hack with a smattering of awful, toxic language. The motivations were ambiguous. Was Jeanue looking for internet stardom? Did they get off on the power? Did they carry some bizarre vendetta against Titanfall as a brand? These are the questions that the community has continued to ask itself, hoping for an answer. We ask like, 'Why are you doing this? I genuinely wonder if they just hate the game.

It feels like I'm talking to someone from the movie Split. They're just very strange conversations. None of it is coherent. The hacking tools that Jeanue used seem to have profound, mind-boggling reach, able to DDOS players with impunity. Streamers would attempt to circumvent the Blacklist by switching accounts, or running their games through a VPN, all to no avail. Mechanically speaking, every attack seemed to unfold the same way: Players would queue up for a Titanfall 2 match, the countdown on screen would reach zero, and the combatants would burst through the spawn point. Suddenly, the screen would hitch up; titans and pilots alike would be stuck in stasis.

An error message would pop up reading, "ReadPacketEntries: Failed," and the denizens of the match would be kicked back out to the lobby. Whatever Jeanue was doing, they could manipulate the very fabric of Titanfall 2's matchmaking infrastructure. That's why the indiscretions were so disconcerting. This seemed to be more than a routine breach. I started to dig around this story in the spring, and secured an invitation to a Discord channel populated exclusively by Titanfall content creators who were doggedly gathering evidence about the hacks. The amount of details they had collected was awe-inspiring. There was a database that documented all of the sobriquets that Jeanue had used on Twitch, another for their names on EA Origin.

There was a landing page called "Latest Reports," where the contingent shared screenshots of their Twitch logs whenever Jeanue appeared in them. Grimmest of all was a section dedicated to official missives from Respawn, who hadn't been able to root out the hacker running roughshod over what was once their most popular game. It was on that server where I first met a Polish Titanfall fan who plays under the name p, or more colloquially, "p0. All of that blood, sweat and tears made him a minor celebrity within the community. I've seen p0 consecrated in memes before , and he penned an in-depth Medium post about Titanfall server exploits that went briefly viral. So, on June 15, p0 pulled me into a group call alongside a handful of his comrades, where he presented a wild origin story about Jeanue's radicalization.

Supposedly, claimed p0, Jeanue was active in the Titanfall scene for years and wasn't very good. This led to them experimenting with some minor cheat bots — speed boosts, aim-assists, things of that nature — but Jeanue still couldn't succeed in the deathmatches. Yes, that was the alleged modus operandi, the Jokerfication, of Jeanue — nothing more than an intense dislike of the Titanfall franchise, which caused them to push deeper and deeper into murky exploits until they were mighty enough to operate a Blacklist under Respawn's noses. One of the users in the call dropped in a few videos from of a Titan zooming around a multiplayer map. This was allegedly Jeanue in their nascent form, well before they had grown truly infamous. I had my misgivings about all this.

I mean, there are plenty of people out there who can download a speedhack, right? Mostly though, I was struck by how strident p0 was in his belief that he could fix the exploits in an instant — if only the powers that be at Respawn would seek out his expertise. They removed a lot of the protections from the software engine. Most of this stuff is really easy to fix and incredibly easy to exploit," he told me. Later he added, "I made a Twitter reply to Respawn saying that I knew a lot about this stuff, and they could contact me and I could help.

Many people gave likes and retweets. Someone from Respawn reached out to me, I told them that I knew the game really well, and they left me on read. A guide for Respawn. But there was a more convincing piece of evidence I received from p0's camp — a dense, deeply reported dossier, all of which painted a believable narrative about Jeanue's identity. The information in that document remains unconfirmed, so I will not be revealing its specifics here but, through some intensive internet spelunking, the members of that group call were left to believe that "Jeanue" was a man operating by himself in the southern United States — avouched by a series of uncanny matches in metadata.

Armed with a name and location, I tried to call the suspect on his phone a number of times to no avail. If I could just get him to talk, I thought, maybe we could finally arrive at some closure for this very, very strange saga. With no help from the alleged hacker, I went to the hackee — I reached out to EA directly, and the company passed along a list of questions to Respawn that I hoped would clarify exactly what was going on with Titanfall. Those answers never materialized, and I found myself quickly running out of leads. That brings us up to August, where I was laying in bed, reading Operation Red Tape, which contended that p and his accomplices were much more involved in the Titanfall sabotage than they were letting on.

In fact, the document claimed that his camp was misleading everyone, and I too had been caught in their snare. The narrative presented in Operation Red Tape is immense and arcane; if you want an in-depth summary of the findings, I recommend watching Upper Echelon Gamers' coverage on YouTube , who has been chasing down this story from the start. But I'll sum up its thesis the best I can. On July 4, Apex Legends — Respawn's new marquee shooter — was hacked. Players couldn't get into a match, and were instead greeted by a message that included a link to the URL, "SaveTitanfall.

It appeared to be an odd bit of wildcat activism. The owners of SaveTitanfall denied responsibility for the breach, as did a Discord administrator named RedShield, who operates a popular Titanfall-centric server called the TF Remnant Fleet alongside p0. Given Apex Legends' popularity, the hack caused an uproar, and suddenly the debilitated state of old, forgotten Titanfall 2 was international news across the gaming press. Still with me? Operation Red Tape appeared to blow the lid off those denials. What happens on our website stays on our website.

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