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Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay

Acta Sociologica. A dictionary definition for that The Stanford Prison Experiment: The Broken Window Theory sterilization. Another Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay of discussion regarding the gender pay gap is the racial pay gap that exists in our country today. On the morning of December Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay, I was tweeting Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay as usual when at am, I tried to reply to a tweet and this is what I saw:. The Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay of women in the field Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay medicine has Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay recorded in several early civilizations. That is why The Old Testament Creation Myth Analysis is also seen as experimental. We complete all papers from scratch. Inthe Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitutionwhich insured women's suffrage Advantages And Disadvantages Of Popeyes some individual states Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay women the right to vote Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay early aswas ratified. The participation of An Analysis Of Shirley Jacksons The Lottery is somewhat lower in health than in other regions, possibly on account of cultural norms restricting Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay between males and females.

Gender Stereotypes

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On December 11, , the 4thWaveNow Twitter account was disabled. She belongs to a population of young lesbians who once believed they were trans—a population Katy neither advocates for yes, we do nor understands from personal experience, being a natal male. The now-unavailable tweet also included a link to an article by the daughter of 4thWaveNow founder —a year-old lesbian and cofounder of the Pique Resilience Project —wherein she describes her former trans-identification and subsequent desistance. Our appeal was immediately denied, and two subsequent appeals have been thus far ignored. Our only option appears to be deleting the tweet to end our total account lockout. Right now, this is what Twitter users see where the tweet originally appeared.

But the plot quickly thickened. Singal expressed concern that such suspensions might affect his own work. We work quickly to make [it] right. Mature adults who approach matters in good faith engage in discussion, usually hoping their conversation partner can, at the very least, see their point of view if not agree with it. Why allow the term at all, since it points to the inconvenient truth that a person was at one time something different? The key point here is of greater import than one Twitter account of many being muzzled by this absurd but ominous censorship. To stay afloat on the platform, we are forced to write and converse with each other in coded, sanitized language; to paraphrase and obfuscate meanings.

Is it any wonder so many people now question the motives and tactics behind what many of us originally thought was the Next Civil Rights movement—a movement we started off supporting? On February 27, Algemeen Dagblad , the second-most widely read newspaper in the Netherlands, published an astonishing article. Doctors who provide transgender care in Nijmegen and Amsterdam say they know too little about the target group and the long-term effects.

What makes this article surprising is that it was a Dutch team of researcher-clinicians one of whom is extensively quoted in the piece who pioneered the use of puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria; this practice is now widespread in the western world. After reading this article, I went back through some of the posts on 4thWaveNow that have mentioned Dutch research. Published by a group of Dutch gender dysphoria researchers, the authors report on a qualitative survey of 17 gender clinics in 10 Western countries. The survey revealed that quite a few professionals on these teams pediatric endocrinologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and ethicists have reservations about early medical treatment.

Several professionals mentioned that participation in the study made them think more explicitly about the various themes, and it encouraged them to discuss the issues in their teams. In the Dutch teams, we therefore introduced moral deliberation sessions to talk about these ethical topics. The first reactions of the professionals were positive; the sessions made them rethink aspects of the protocol. Could another factor be the recent ruling in the Keira Bell case by the British High Court , limiting the use of puberty blockers in gender-dysphoric children? Thomas Steensma. Quoted in the aforementioned article by Tetelaptal, Thomas Steensma, one of the lead researcher-clinicians at the Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria in Amsterdam, asks some critical questions that U.

Teteleptal writes:. Because what is behind the large increase of children who have suddenly registered for transgender care since ? And what is the quality of life for this group long after the sex change? There is no answer to those questions. And that must happen, think Steensma and colleagues from Nijmegen. While the ratio was the same in , now three times as many children who were born as girls register, compared to children who were born as boys. Steensma also raises questions about the effect of early medical intervention on future fertility:.

It is still unclear whether these administered hormones affect the fertility of boys and girls. That is why it is also seen as experimental. We are one of the few countries in the world that conducts ongoing research about this. In the United Kingdom, for example, only now, for the first time in all these years, a study of a small group of transgender people has been published. This makes it so difficult, almost all research comes from ourselves. Not only does he lament the lack of research, Steensma expresses frustration that some practitioners are applying Dutch research without adequate assessment of their patients:. We conduct structural research in the Netherlands.

But the rest of the world is blindly adopting our research. While every doctor or psychologist who engages in transgender health care should feel the obligation to do a proper assessment before and after intervention. The Dutch have always been more careful in their use of interventions like puberty blockers, taking care to conduct thorough assessments before proceeding. As reported in this 4thWaveNow post , the Dutch have also advised caution when it comes to social transitioning of young children. In a journal article , Steensma et al. As for the clinical management in children before the age of 10, we suggest a cautious attitude towards the moment of transitioning.

They may help the child to handle their gender variance in a supportive way, but without taking social steps long before puberty, which are hard to reverse. A study conducted by Steensma et al. It would, of course, be going too far to suggest that Steensma no longer believes that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones should ever be used in the treatment of adolescent gender dysphoria. According to this article published by the same author on February 28 in de Gelderlander , another Dutch publication,. Steensma does not endorse the judgment of the British court. According to him, there are children who can oversee the consequences.

We are not saying that hormone treatments are good for everyone. We would also never say that they are not good for anyone. We make the assessment per person. Annelou de Vrie s. Steensma is not alone amongst Dutch clinicians. Annelou L. In a commentary published in the October issue of Pediatrics , de Vries writes:. However, authors of case histories and a parent-report study warrant that gender identity development is diverse, and a new developmental pathway is proposed involving youth with post puberty adolescent-onset transgender histories. These youth did not yet participate in the early evaluation studies. This raises the question whether the positive outcomes of early medical interventions also apply to adolescents who more recently present in overwhelming large numbers for transgender care, including those that come at an older age, possibly without a childhood history of GI [gender incongruence].

It also asks for caution because some case histories illustrate the complexities that may be associated with later-presenting transgender adolescents and describe that some eventually detransition. Social contagion, along with other potential factors such as internalized homophobia, sexual trauma, autism and other neuro-atypical conditions, deserve careful and ongoing investigation by gender-dysphoria researchers. Rowling shares a birthday with her beloved literary progeny — July All we are asking for is constructive dialogue in the mainstream media. Please download the letter , print it three times, and send it to the New York Times , the BBC, and the Guardian in time for it to arrive around July Alternatively, you may copy the text printed below and paste it into an email.

Or better yet, do both! You may feel free to sign it and give a brief description of yourself, or you may simply send without signing. Tag in the journalists and the outlets. And please help spread the word! For a downloadable PDF of the letter, click here. We are writing to request that you widen your scope when reporting on gender diversity.

A progressive society is characterised by a respect for thoughtful discussion and we hope that journalistic outlets of your stature could explore multiple perspectives on these important questions rather than stifling debate by covering only one side. In her recent personal essay, J. Rowling outlined her concerns that extremist ideology was negatively impacting vulnerable groups. She highlighted several pressing aspects of this issue that have received scant coverage in the liberal media.

These letters marked a new beginning for the fictional boy wizard. We hope these letters that you are receiving will signal to you that there are many from across the political spectrum who wish to have a good-faith discussion about gender ideology and its impact on women, children, adolescents, and also on lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. It is our hope that together we can help to usher in a new beginning where we can have important conversations that until now have been substantially ignored by the liberal mainstream media. Given our mutual desire to support gender non-conforming individuals, we believe that it is vitally important for leading media to cover these crucial and under-reported stories. After receiving his letters, Harry travelled to Hogwarts on September 1.

We would like to follow up with you in early September to see how we might bring more nuance and depth to the current coverage about gender issues. Fourth in our series featuring Dr. Curtis Crane, phalloplasty surgeon. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Where do they all go? Stories are important, but unfinished stories can be deceptive. This story received no media attention. There are no soft-focus interviews, picture books, or product tie-ins. Curtis Crane , late of San Francisco and currently of Austin, Texas, who filed medical malpractice or other personal injury cases against Dr. After all of this, M continued to suffer from gender dysphoria. In , M came under the care of Dr. Curtis Crane. The surgical consent form indicates that M was to receive:.

The new penis would have a functioning urethra. The lawsuit against Dr. Crane arose because, while M alleged that he repeatedly told Dr. Crane and his staff that he did not need a vaginectomy and a scrotoplasty, those having already been performed by Dr. Meltzer in , M stated that Dr. The legal papers contain another interesting and tantalizing suggestion that is never developed in the record. Specifically, M alleges that when M complained to Dr. Crane reassured M that they were listed on the document either as a typo or for billing purposes [emphasis added].

A curious fact, if true. Crane was dismissed on March 15, As is customary, there is no indication whether Dr. Crane, or his insurer, paid any damages to M. Following the phalloplasty and other procedures with Dr. Crane, incredibly, M required at least three additional surgeries. Then, in March , Dr. In his lawsuit against Dr. Crane, M alleged that during the surgery, Dr. Moreover, M claimed, Dr. In March following the three post-Crane surgeries , M stated that he still had an abscess in his pelvis where his vagina had been.

M was forced to take off work from September through February 5 months , then returned to work in March of , but had to stop working again in November M alleged that his out of pocket expenses for the September surgery with Dr. Do you think that, being young children after all, they expect that one day the Gender Fairy will pay a visit? After all, nobody is better at magical thinking than young children , and raising a girl as a boy, or vice-versa, is implicitly, if not explicitly, affirming the child in the belief that one day her wish will come true. After all, the Gender Fairy could someday deliver a real-life nightmare.

Benji, a Canadian activist, writer, and YouTuber , writes here about how she was recently suspended from Twitter and subsequently Medium for she believes referring to the biological sex of a certain UK trans woman. Benji joins many other women whose voices have been censored by Silicon Valley tech companies. Despite being silenced on some platforms, Benji is still very much active on the Internet. See the bottom of this article for ways to contact her and to see her work. Benji wrote another piece for 4thWaveNow earlier this year, about her less-than-supportive experiences in a Toronto trans-teen support group.

We will continue to offer 4thWaveNow as a platform for others who find themselves in a similar situation; please let us know if you would like to be published here. On the morning of December 11th, I was tweeting away as usual when at am, I tried to reply to a tweet and this is what I saw:. I had just recently reached followers so I was very upset. I can only assume that this happened because I referred to a trans woman, Katy Montgomerie, as a male. On December 7th, 4th Wave Now tweeted a thread about an affirmation-only parent support group on Facebook, specifically about a thread in that group that had developed on the topic of families with multiple trans children.

Katy Montgomerie replied in the thread, claiming that families with multiple trans kids are statistically likely and nothing to be concerned about. Katy then went on to say that the parents who run 4th Wave Now are anti trans; desperate not to have trans kids. The reality is, that the daughter of one of the founders of 4th Wave Now is a 22 year old, detransitioned lesbian. I tweeted:. Where are you getting this? You presume to know the female motivators for transition when you are in fact male. What do you base this on? She says she is a friend to detrans people but attacks one of the few websites —4thWaveNow— that will amplify our writing about our experiences.

Obviously, she has her own ideology to propagate and this is her method. I would advise detransitioned people to steer clear of her on Twitter and Medium. As soon as I understood that I had been suspended, I appealed to Twitter. Predictably, they said they were looking into it but initially did not respond beyond that. I have been using twitter for many years, mostly for lesbian activism. I believe that this is the result of targeted reporting by homophobes who do not like what I have to say.

I appealed to Twitter but they have not explained why my tweet was hateful or why it rises to the level of an indefinite suspension. I am appealing to you because for me, Twitter is a powerful networking tool and I need it to stay in contact with journalists and other professionals, as part of my activism. They immediately replied, saying that they were looking into it. On the morning of December 23rd, I awoke to find this response in my email. As you can imagine, I did not wish violence on anyone or say anything cruel or tweet with malicious intent.

Twitter is woefully unable to screen reported tweets and as a result this has happened to me repeatedly. What makes me so angry is that extremist ideologues know this is how Twitter works, and they are meticulous in their reporting. Their goal is to get the most vocal women who question gender ideology off of the platform and they know exactly how to do it. On December 25th Merry Christmas! I checked in to see what people on Twitter were saying about GNC Centric… and they were saying my Medium account where this article was originally posted on December 23rd had been suspended.

I suspect that this happened because I mentioned Katy Montgomerie— and the fact that they were male—in my Medium piece. Since Medium has very similar policies to Twitter, I will not bother attempting to appeal this suspension. When I was first suspended from Twitter, I planned to post much more on Medium; what I used to post as Twitter threads I would now format as short articles. The most direct way of contacting me now is through email. Jonathan Swift, Anglo-Irish author, was horrified at how British politics unfairly exacerbated the suffering of the Irish. Having made several unsuccessful appeals to Parliament to enact policies to relieve the famine, he turned to writing.

It is a melancholy object to those, who walk through our great hospitals, or travel in their maternity wards, when they see the hallways, the corridors, and the newborn nurseries crowded with infants whose differentiated genitalia are at odds with their undifferentiated gender identity. These infants instead of being allowed to naturally discover their gender identity as they mature, are forced to endure the suggestions of their parts and pieces, and of the external socializations that follow. It is common knowledge that gender identity is separate from biological sex, yet the correlation of anatomy and identity is unfortunately strong enough to imply effect to the unenlightened mind.

Infants attached to penises usually become men, and those with vaginae usually become women. However, any good scientist knows that correlation does not equal causation. If a parent is likewise woke, they will know that genitalia are not predictive of gender. In the absence of social constructs and family influence, penis-babies would be just as likely to discover they are girls as boys, and vagina-babies can likewise grow up to be men or women.

However, when parents are not enlightened, they will assume that sex predicts gender identity, and risk irreversible damage to their offspring. Witness the homunculus with neither penis nor vagina, and yet both simultaneously, that almost universally develops one or the other. As with embryology, gender identity is undifferentiated at creation, and takes form later in life. It is even more inconvenient that gravid women are told of these fetal bits during a sonographic exam at mid-gestation, and use the information to inform absurd celebrations of the implied gender of their fetus.

Therein lies the rub. Society is burdened by the downstream effects of such confusion. Children see and even touch their genitalia and will naturally wonder what their genitalia means. They struggle to understand themselves in the context of this biology and the associated social construct. It contributes to their melancholy, lethargy, and isolation, and is evidenced by high rates of substance abuse and, indeed, of suicide. Our impaired youth are a scourge on society and threaten our future as a productive member of the global community. As a good and just society which we have never been and yet strive to be , we should endeavor to abolish the horrific consequences of biological sex biasing the pure development of gender identity.

But my intention is very far from being confined to provide only for the children of unenlightened parents: it is of a much greater extent, and shall take in the whole number of infants born in our country. Since all children are born with undiscovered gender identity, then they should be permitted to develop without the influence of biologic sex. Other members of society are encouraged to change their appearance to match their gender identity, so I know no reason why infants should not be accorded the same basic human right.

Since their gender identity is undetermined, so then should be their apparent biology. My modest proposal is that all infants be unburdened of the external ornaments of their biologic sex , so that their gender identity may develop without the influence of parental expectations or societal norms. The first step is the outlawing of ultrasound to visualize the fetal bits, far less to hazard a guess at the gender this has worked well in China and India. In the delivery room, this will necessitate the immediate but temporary separation of mother and child so that the mother remains unaware of whether she has birthed a penis-baby or a vagina-baby.

Fortunately, the existing medicalization of childbirth should make this separation basically unnoticeable to the modern parturient. For penis-babies, all the genitalia are external, and will be removed by phallectomy, scrotectomy, and orchiectomy. Urination will be by a urethral meatus remaining on the perineum. Some may argue against the expense of two million such operations per annum , but my calculations confirm that these costs will be offset by savings from the absence of circumcisions and also by the elimination of urinals from all elementary school restrooms.

For vagina-babies, the vaginal orifice may be narrowed by creating a smooth covering of skin, created by cutting and appositioning the labia minora and labia majora, and by clitorectomy. Sadly, American surgeons are not properly trained to perform such a complicated surgery, especially on an hours-old newborn. Fortunately, there are many expert surgeons in Africa and the Middle East, where these procedures are frequently performed. In the West, these surgeries are known as Class 3 genital mutilations and they are currently banned for their cruelty. Foreign surgeons would be glad for the opportunity to come to the West and rebrand their skills as gender-identity-neutralization surgeries, simultaneously reeducating our medical community and earning a handsome living.

Newborn ovaries and corpus uteri may be left in situ through childhood because in their quiescence they are irrelevant and invisible both to the individual and to society and would not influence exploration of gender identity, and also because they will be needed for the continuation of the species. Of course, by the age of 10 or 11, all children will need to decide on a gender identity, start on estrogen or testosterone, and embark on a gender-creation surgery, including choice of mastectomy or augmentation, phalloplasty, hysterectomy, or neovagina creation.

In the event a child chooses no gender at all, they would have a smorgasbord of available medical options ranging from a clean perineum to, perhaps, both a penis and a vagina. Unfortunately, some of these surgeries especially the phalloplasty do not currently yield the best results, neither cosmetic nor functional. In the event that we have not discovered how to manufacture sperm out of whole cloth by then, we will need to remember to keep our sperm vaults properly powered and staffed, lest the electricity fail and our species go extinct. Even better, by then we will have perfected the uterus transplant and will enjoy a large supply of unwanted natal uteri to transplant into transwomen who desire to breed. For those readers who remain unconvinced, I offer some additional benefits for their consideration.

Firstly, our society is plagued by masculine toxicity, presumably mediated by testosterone. Since all penis-babies will be castrati , the only testosterone in our society will be distributed by pharmacies. Therefore, we will have the opportunity to titrate the dosage of testosterone to prevent toxic masculinity. No more rape-culture. No more me-too. No more manspreading on the subway. Secondly, we will no longer be confused by pronouns. By the end of adolescence, every individual will have chosen their gender, and will have had bespoke chemical and surgical treatments so that their external appearances exactly match their gender identities.

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