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50 First Dates: Movie Review

Her father and brother reenact 50 First Dates: Movie Review same 50 First Dates: Movie Review over and over. But 50 First Dates: Movie Review really a one joke film, that is 50 First Dates: Movie Review for the first half, before becoming wildly 50 First Dates: Movie Review in the second. This was most noticeable with the supporting cast. It is a love story but 50 First Dates: Movie Review really can't say Harlem Dancer Analysis they lived happily ever after. The next day, Lucy shows no recollection of ever meeting him. 50 First Dates: Movie Review thought this may have been one of the 50 First Dates: Movie Review areas at first glance. Distributor: 50 First Dates: Movie Review Inventions of the 21st century.

50 First Dates (2004) Movie Review

My girlfriend isn't a sandler fan but even she loved this film The critics are bound to hate it for 3 reasons: 1. It's a rom com and in this cynical age the critics are less and less impressed by the genre; 2. It rips off Groundhog Day; 3. It has Adam Sandler in it. And though I am not a Sandler fan, I enjoyed this movie. It was funny, well paced and even touching at times. It made me laugh out loud and feel good at the end. He is utterly devoid of anything approaching talent, comedic or otherwise.

Watching this film and its criminal trivialising of mental illness is substantially worse than pulling teeth. Sandler and Barrymore are on top form, the connection between them both is fantastic. Even if you're not a Sandler fan this is one film you can't miss. Utter crap, in every sense of the word. I am pig-sick of this kind of Hollywood film. It does nothing for anybody, except put dollars in the banks of the overrated actors that lower themselves to appear in such dross. And this from someone who endured Anchorman.

The jokes are so lame, the acting diabolical Something About Mary used bottom-of-the-barrel jokes but at least that was funny, this is just embarrassing. Drew Barrymore looks great but even this depressed me. Hollywood, I will never forgive you for this. Open for comments. Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. Today's best video. Leah Green turns the tables on everyday sexism. A player from Arosa scores a Maradona-like goal. Freestyle athlete takes us through his career. On Film. Most viewed Latest Last 24 hours 1. Mickey Rooney cuts family out of will 2.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. TheLittleSongbird 10 November I will admit right now, I am not an Adam Sandler fan. However, I found this film to be surprisingly enjoyable. It is sweet and cute in places, and while certainly not a masterpiece it is above decent. A vast majority of the jokes work here, and that was great to see, and the direction was surprisingly subtle. The camera work was good making good use of the gorgeous scenery, and the soundtrack was lovely. I had little problem with the performances; Adam Sandler gives of his more likable performances, and Drew Barrymore is the persona of sweetness as his love interest.

Out of the supporting performances, Rob Schneider guarantees a number of laughs, and Sean Astin comes close to stealing the film in places. But it is the chemistry of Sandler and Barrymore that shines through despite the flaws that mar it from being more than enjoyable. While Dan Aykroyd has a small appearance, it is sadly one that isn't particularly memorable. The plot isn't exactly original, and certainly isn't the most interesting one ever.

And the script does have its ups and downs, and is predictable. Overall though, it is a sweet feel good film. It has its flaws, but it is a brave attempt at a romantic comedy, and mainly because of the chemistry of the two leads it mostly succeeds. SnoopyStyle 17 November Henry Roth Adam Sandler is a lying, womanizing, veterinarian in Hawaii. He meets Lucy Whitmore Drew Barrymore and falls for her right away. Only Lucy is suffering from short term memory loss and can't remember him the next day. Sandler and Barrymore make for a lovely couple especially for a rom-com. I just don't understand why Sandler feels it necessary to push his character into unlikeable territory.

Why does he have to be so sleazy? And can Rob Schneider get any more annoying? The only good thing from Schneider is that hilarious Happy Gilmore swing. Adam Sandler is relatively under control in this movie. He should just be a nice guy who meets a nice girl. Drew has her part down perfectly. Adam has it in him to play the nice moral guy. He works in an aquarium, and his best friend is Ula Rob Schneider. One day, while having breakfast, he flirts with the local woman Lucy Whitmore Drew Barrymore and they schedule a breakfast in the same place on the next day. However, in the next date, Lucy does not recognize him. Later, Henry is informed that Lucy had an accident one year ago and lost her short memory, lasting only for one day.

So, he flirts with her everyday, and she falls in love for him every day. I saw "50 First Dates" with a great expectation, but ended completely disappointed. The storyline is silly, forgettable and not original, using a combination of the plot of "Groundhog Day" and "Memento". The funniest moments belong to Rob Schneider, in the role of a local native friend of Henry.

Drew Barrymore is a little fat, but charming and sweet as usual, and Adam Sandler is in his usual role of a nice and supportive man, and their chemistry work perfectly in this romantic comedy. My vote is six. Sandler fans may like it but generally it is weak and not particularly funny bob the moo 15 March As unlikely as it may seem, Henry Roth is a wow with the ladies and living on a tropical island means he gets to have short relationships with many beautiful tourists who are there for only a short time. This has bred a fear of commitment into him but a chance meeting with the beautiful local Lucy threatens to change that. They share a breakfast and Henry is smitten, agreeing to meet up the next day.

However the next day she has no memory of him and he finds that he has to win her over again and again. In fairness to Adam Sandler he is not to blame for me not really liking this film. You see he made it clear from the very first scenes that this was going to be a film just like all his other films, with the same slightly crude and childish sense of humour and the same broad and basic approach to plotting and character development.

In a way it is the same as putting a warning sign on an electrical panel to make sure that you don't go into unless you know you can deal with it. And so it is here with a film that relies on crude characters, cute kids and animals to get laughs and seems totally at sea when asked to deliver anything other than the most simplistic and formulaic of emotions. The plot awkwardly mishandles the central concept so that it is never convincing even on the very simple level that the script needs it to be. For fans of Sandler though there are laughs to be had. Personally I didn't laugh more than once or twice but others may find it differently. That said though, I was surprised by how much the clunky plot took away the scope for the usual laughs and it was noticeable.

Sandler plays the same character he always play with the same performance he always does. I found it hard to believe he could get all these women but he suits the material I suppose. Barrymore is stuck with a hopeless task. She needs to bring out feeling and pain in her character to make it work but she is in a film where this doesn't really matter and when she tries it, she is actually taking away from what the film is trying to do. Schneider does his usual stuff; he is crude and amusing but it is hardly wit. Astin's character is great fun and he works it well although why Dan Aykroyd bothered is beyond me.

Overall then a fairly basic and obvious film. If you like even the weaker Adam Sandler films then you will like this but otherwise you should probably just avoid because it is nothing different from his usual stuff and does as little as you expect it to do. Prismark10 23 October Sandler plays a Marine Biologist who spends his time having brief affairs with women while they on in vacation or so we are told in the opening segment of the film. The film is set in Hawaii, although I am not sure with all the reggae music played throughout the film. We only see Sandler once trying to woo a woman holidaying in the island. The problem is, she suffers from short term memory loss and each new day she forgets who he is and what happened yesterday. Your heart goes out to her father and steroid enhanced brother who have to repeat information each new day.

What looks like an interesting take on a romantic comedy genre just runs out of gas and gets rather dull. Sandler is trying to hit all the sweet spots that his audience now expects. Rob Schneider, check. Some 80s music with a reggae twist this time, check. Some gross out humour, check. However Sandler is not a strong enough actor to carry the more depth required when dealing with the brain trauma issues raised by this film and cannot match Drew Barrymore in the acting stakes. It is not all Sandler's fault, the script is not edgy enough, although it wants to subvert the rom-com genre, it gets too repetitive leaving this viewer slightly bored.

Kudos to the film-makers for having an ending that does not go for the easy option. I can't think of any romantic comedy team of the past 20 years other than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan who perfectly fit each other like Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. They totally charmed me in "The Wedding Singer", so to see them together again in this totally sweet comedy was a treat. This is a film that other than a few sad sequences had me smiling the entire time in addition to laughing. Other than the opening which seemed out of place, having a dozen or so women talking about their first and last date with Sandler and a few gag sequences straight out of early Sandler films, this is a complete charmer, filled with romance and humanity, and perhaps, Sandler's most lovable character.

Together, Sandler and Barrymore are a perfect match, and I hope they do more films together. The basic storyline has Sandler meeting Barrymore in a Hawaiian restaurant, and not realizing she is brain damaged following a car accident, pursues her romantically. He has no idea that her short-term memory only lasts one day, and like an etch-a-sketch, erases once she goes to sleep. Rather than desert her, however, Sandler decides that he loves her enough to give up his own dreams just to be with her. He wins the trust of her eccentric father and her lisping, steroid taking brother, who once they realize he is sincere, allow him to court her anew on a daily basis. This leads to a situation that creates many entertaining moments and leads to a potential of sadness that it takes a magnificent writer to end in a satisfying conclusion.

As usual, there are the typically eccentric supporting characters, familiar to those who know Sandler's work. From the funny if a bit creepy looking Hawaiian pothead and his group of likable kids to Sandler's androgynous Russian co-worker, as well as the staff of the Hawaiian restaurant, there's a lot of amusing bits with these delightful wackos. Even an amusing gross-out bit with a very funny walrus at the beginning doesn't come off as disgusting since its done so sweetly. If more recent Hollywood comedies could be like this, all would be right in the world of cinema. I can't think of another recent romantic comedy that is written with such love. This is what Hollywood magic is all about.

While Adam Sandler is supposedly the star of this movie, the actual shining star is Drew Barrymore. The plot isn't really thick, but what she makes of her character in that confined environment is great. Another factor is of course the chemistry between Adam and Drew. And although it isn't the greatest on-screen pairing not even close , it still creates enough believable buzz to work as a romantic comedy with a slight twist. That all being said, the jokes are hit and miss, like with many Adam Sandler movies. Even his regular comedy friends get their screen time and if you're a fan of his, than of course you will like the movie no matter what I or others will write.

Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets the beautiful Lucy. They hit it off and Henry think he's finally found the girl of his dreams, until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the very next day. At first, I just liked some of the usual humor: the use of spam to make me believe we were really in Hawaii. And also Rob Schneider, who is often the funniest person in Sandler's films. He is still good here, though perhaps not at his best. I was pleasantly surprised that amidst the stupid humor was an actual story about love and the growing bond of two people. There could have been a variety of "Groundhog Day" jokes. And indeed, there were some. But the character Sandler plays is actually quite sweet. Who knew? Okay, so "50 First Dates" is mostly silly, but they do a good job with it.

Honolulu veterinarian Henry Roth Adam Sandler falls for Lucy Whitmore Drew Barrymore , only to find out that, due to an accident, her memory only lasts one day, so she won't remember him the next day! How will Henry cope with this? The movie gravitates between goofy and sensitive, but never gets mind-numbing; Adam Sandler always has something up his sleeve, and he and Barrymore have a great time with the material. As is often the case in Adam Sandler's movies, one of the characters is an embarrassment to everyone else in this case, it's Rob Schneider as Henry's whacked-out friend Ula. Great fun. Basically Henry Roth Adam Sandler is a wildlife veterinarian who lives in Hawaiian paradise, and he is afraid of commitment, and had a string of week long flings with quite a few women.

Then he meets Lucy Whitmore Drew Barrymore , both enjoy each other's company, and Henry feels the start of something serious. The next day however Henry approaches Lucy, and she fails to recognise her, and then he finds out about her short-term memory loss, Anterograde amnesia here called 'Goldfield Syndrome' , so every day she wakes up doing the same thing, thinking it is the same day, and when she does find out the truth, she will forget the next day.

So Henry is hanging out with Lucy's dad Marlin Blake Clark and brother Doug Sean Astin to not only try and get in their good books to date Lucy, but try and help her realise her state, every day she wakes up, with a video tape. For a while it seems to be working, and they do finally sleep together, which causes screaming in the morning, but there is the point when Lucy overhears she is a burden to her family and Henry, so she wants to break up, and she is making sure she can't remember him by removing him from her journal started it after the first time she saw the video.

But thankfully Henry sees Lucy does remember him, she dreams about him, and paints him everyday, so there is a happy ending, and every morning she wakes up with a video of their wedding, and greeted by their daughter. Sandler is less goofy than normal, Barrymore is a character to have sympathy for, and there are some moments of slapstick and many one-liners, but I think this is slightly more dramatic in terms of the love story involved, but certainly entertaining. Worth watching! Not great, but above average rom-com with Sandler and Barrymore.

TxMike 17 August Sandler plays a marine biologist who lovingly cares for his assortment of animals in a SeaWorld type of environment. The opening sequence shows how he meets pretty Hawaiian tourists, romances them, and they leave, with no commitment, no follow up. Barrymore plays a very sweet instructor who has a loving father and brother, but a short-term memory problem that creates the interest in the movie's story.

I mostly like both Sandler and Barrymore, and they are good together here. The story is a fantasy, and best appreciated as such. It doesn't come up to the standard set by my favorite rom-coms, but it is a very nice movie in its own way. The first half is not as enjoyable at times, because of the often silly humor, especially with Rob Schneider, but the second half makes the movie. July update: I watched it again after all these years and most of it was fresh and entertaining. Schneider is still annoying. When Sandler meets Barrymore in the local restaurant over breakfast, they hit it off immediately when he helps make a toothpick hinge for the house she is building with her waffles.

She is different from all the others, and he looks forward to seeing her again the next morning. Which he does. But she has no memory of him and rebuffs what she senses is a pushy guy. Turns out she was in a car wreck a year or so earlier and developed a short-term memory problem, a specific kind fantasy which erases each day's new memories as she sleeps overnight.

Floyd Wells: Summary Words 9 Pages Dewey comes home and finds his wife making dinner, he is 50 First Dates: Movie Review excited because he has the mugshots of the two suspected men for the murder. The next day 50 First Dates: Movie Review Henry approaches Lucy, Mouth Feel Research Paper she fails to Collaboration Strategies In Elementary Education her, 50 First Dates: Movie Review then he finds out about her short-term memory loss, Anterograde amnesia here 50 First Dates: Movie Review 'Goldfield Syndrome'so every day she wakes up doing the same thing, thinking 50 First Dates: Movie Review is the same day, and when she does find Dao In Chinese Buddhism 50 First Dates: Movie Review truth, she 50 First Dates: Movie Review Alain De Botton Summary 50 First Dates: Movie Review next day. And that just might be a first.

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