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Argumentative Essay On Magic Vs Science

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WIZARD vs SCIENCE(Muggle) in a Nutshell

How could I possibly get that? I don't know these things; but then I had RON, looked at the clue again and saw that it specified which letter to take out, and there it was -- I actually did know them both. Old, you say? I had the whole thing, all from crosses, and was still parsing UN as a prefix; like maybe non-members could enter the clubhouse but not play golf. Then it hit me. Again, wow. Has anybody seen John-X lately? Let me just say that it has an alternate meaning. Hi Rex, I am a scientist. I am a cancer researcher. I am also a crossnerd. I've published a Fri puzzle in LAT.

I have lots of puzzles with great themes ready for publication, but probably need to be screened by someone with the expertise that you hold. These puzzles would be great for everyone. At this point, I'd like to take on a co-author on some puzzles if you can help clean them up and approve the theme. There are not many constructors out there these days so I would hope you respond This was tough, but ultimately doable. Thanks for the workout, Byron. Bad memories of steak tartare. My favorite moment reading the comments. Now that they have been mentioned. Also the stones mis-direct. COT seems to also rely on a rather expansive definition of bivouac.

Is this just Saturday being Saturday? Weak cluing? I mean if it is deception for its own sake why pick COT? I couldn't think of any alt-answer. Stones seemed intentional. Obvious better known answer. Otherwise why not use spear or launcher in your clue. Ola-ALO was confusing, but perhaps just correct. Was the puzzle better or worse for these three? My vote is worse except ALO. Which is strange because COT only caused a short pause and catapult fell fairly quickly. ALO caused me the most trouble. At least I did. Now I'm thinking the problem is the clue has no pronoun and to be correct or parallel to the clue the answer would have an I if it had one.

It was left out because of the I in the answer. Seems just a bit sloppy or too flexible or convenient some how. Worth a side eye maybe. To be argumentative, when taking the face-off the player is a center, even if the rest of the time they are playing on the wing. Teedmn - No, I missed that. Gio - My sense is that Rex is a little miffed when he gets complaints and has to check in on the comments. At least you got a positive response. Andy - Good luck. There are at least three published NYTX constructors here, so maybe they will contact you. Also, I think there are some constructor groups out there that might be of interest to you.

Maybe somebody here can point you towards them. We say alo. It was easy for me but if you are not Brazilian very obscure. Hated this puzzle. This is a puzzle that Patrick Berry would admire. Clean, clever, fun. Byron Walden is a master. Yesterday's was a DNF for me, but I solved this one clean. Historic day at the US Open. Two eighteen-year-olds knocked out the 3 seeds.

The Canadian girl, Layla Fernandez, is a delight. Parts of this rodeo were mighty hard bronc ridin, and parts were calfs that just laid down for a ropin. Sooo… Medium difficulty kinda works, at our house. Byron Walden must really aim for that SatPuz slot. Of his NYTs, 65 have been Saturdays. I kinda knew this, thanx to previous xwords. One time they were showin a schlock horror or scifi flick, and a monster did somethin really radical, like bitin a head off or somesuch. One of the Vietnamese waitress gals hollered out a grossed-out-soundin "Choi oi! Consensus was that it could mean a variety of things, dependin on the tone of the speaker's delivery. Walden dude.

But, ballista? Choi oi! The only thing that kept me going through this joyless mess was the certainty that Rex would shred it to pieces. No luck there either. My solving group had a lot of trouble with across. A is a better tennis player than I. We used to play doubles with an even more mismatched couple - she was the strongest of the four of us and her husband barely knew which end of the racket to hold. At least not much of it. IMET my match and then some. Really, some idiotic relationship show is broadcast by a channel with Learning in its name? Early on I thought I might get a break with catapult but "No. Funny, but again "No. Perhaps an unexplained spelling variant of Middle English lysten "to please, desire, wish, like" with a sense development from the notion of "leaning" toward what one desires compare incline v.

Fortunately, after my cheat-filled solve, I found this highly or lowly amusing video that cheered me up immensilly. And I learned that Bruckner and Milhaud share a birthday. A, Yeah, it was something like that for me. Allison, People say relo. Albatross, Thank you on Cot. If yer gonna drag a Cot out there why don't ya just bring a tent? I'm 0 for 3 with my NYT submissions. Reach out at auskernlaw gmail. I think he's oversimplifying. The real issues are, if there are a lot of proper names, how long are they? If there's a bunch of tough 7- and 8-letter proper nouns, they will tend to dominate the square and if they're out of your wheelhouse, that's going to create problems.

And if your tough proper nouns cross at an ambiguous vowel, then that's going to complicate things further. Whereas if the PPP is tucked in a corner, is not overly long, and doesn't really interfere with the rest of the grid, then the impact is much less. Just my 2 cents. This is my idea of a perfect Saturday puzzle combined with perfect Saturday weather. The grid was packed with few black squares and a lot of goodies!

It all depends. It could be that you begin to ask someone why they think or behave a certain way about something sensitive but then think better of it and retract the question, saying "never mind, I won't ask". I had not the foggiest until two minutes ago, when I looked it up, that a "Twihard" is die-hard fan of the Twilight series, so that explains that. Not that that would have helped me, because I didn't know the author, and took a guess. Am glad to hear more about this from joebloggs. Actually, where I teach, we have several different versions of first-semester calculus, and one of them doesn't involve trig at all. The class of functions for that particular stomping ground besides ad hoc functions used to illustrate various limit concepts is the class of algebraic functions.

I would add that the biggest downfall for most calculus students is an insecure grasp of ALGebra. To sum up heh , I think ALG is a perfectly legit answer. Frantic Sloth Hand up for being moderately acquainted with Day Fiancee hmm, it's two e's in the title? My wife watches it a fair bit. Right now we have the TV on a Pimple Popper marathon. Now that's learnin', on The Learning Channel. And Dr. Lee applies good TLC. Post there and you should find just the assistance you are seeking. Good Luck! Pencilled in a bunch of rando words before things finally clicked in the NE.

The "tightness" part seemed off. Maybe "conciseness" would be more apropos there. Too many letters. How so? I thought it was an excellent, old school type puzzle that was a challenge to solve but one that gave me a sense of accomplishment for having completed it. Whether the course involves trig functions or not, algebra is by no means a "remote" prerequisite, because as I said before, not having a solid command of algebra is by far the most common downfall of the calculus student. Do you teach or have you taught calculus in a classroom setting?

I have the same definition of 'honorable cheating'. It's a relief to know I'm not alone! Just now checking in after another dive into downsizing at the flea market, which is where I did this one on paper. Cheats not an option but unneeded anyway, as it turned out. Same sense of despair as many after a quick run through on the clues but shared the pride of completion also felt by many. A proper Saturday, this one. Only thing that was a complete WTF for me was a "twihard", which makes sense when explained, not that it would have helped, because I didn't know the author either. OK, in fact the whole NE corner flummoxed me. Even folks who only know me a little bit can feel the manic Type A-ness radiating from my chi. If that matters.

So many clever and oh-so-Waldenesque clues today. And thus Mr. W has taught me something fascinating today - one of my favorite benefits of cruciverbalism. I have absolutely nothing at all but praise for this one! My heartfelt thanks to you all whether you comment or not. Anon , Correct. That is, the tent poles are the plot elements or set pieces or, more broadly key scenes which serve as anchors that help the rest of the elements span the work. It was all the rage maybe years ago. I count Ono every time she appears although I find it very doubtful that the overused 3-letter answer ever causes anyone any consternation. I have some speculations on why this is so. First, If the PPP is relatively low percentage but all long then the crosses will help solvers suss out an unfamiliar name.

For example, if there are four grid spanners that are PPP but the crosses are not PPP a solver is likely to get enough crossing answers to see a pattern. PPP density is actually worse than simple percentage but at a higher percentage PPP density is inevitable. Third, longer answers provide more opportunities for patterns generally. You also missed what I see as a flaw in just giving the percentage. Same if the PPP skews heavily sports or heavily musical theater or heavily geography. If you have a theme based on movies anyone not that interested in movies is excluded. So a better measure would account for how diverse the PPP is with the assumption that a wider variety is fairer. Tl;Dr - You make some good points, but reasons.

TTrimble: I will attest to the fact that the angst of calculus, and higher maths, was simply not having internalized HS Alg I. CDilly52, IMO, some of the joy of doing crosswords is in how we can tangentially reference them to our real lives hi r. TTrimble and other math commenters, in my high school experience, algebra, geometry and trig were pre-reqs taken in that order for pre-calc my senior year.

In pre-calc, we barely touched on proofs, only enough that I learned a couple by rote and never got a grasp on how to construct one on my own. And when the entire HS Pre-calc class flunked limits, my teacher should have spent more time on those but no, she just gave the 10 of us a pass. When I got to college, the two Calc quarters dealing with limits were my worst, surprise, surprise. I still remember loving Linear Algebra and Differential Equations though. Anonymous PM We agree.

It's a very, very sad situation. I'm quite convinced that many and perhaps most high school teachers of mathematics don't themselves have an adequate understanding of algebra which by the way is a vast subject, but even the stuff in the high school curricula is deeper than just rules and procedures. I can attest to this because many of the students in my classrooms are future teachers of high school mathematics, and many of them are shaky on their own subject. Not all of them. I also see some very fine and enthusiastic students.

The notion of a 'variable' has its subtleties. Ideally a HS teacher or middle school teacher would be aware of the nuances and subtleties -- because in the event that a thoughtful student asks a probing question or anyway a question that involves internal struggles to understand, it's terrible if the teacher resorts to "because that's the way it is". That's what's actually transmitted to students. I can't really explain it, but these are the rules, and you the student need to memorize them if you want to get a good grade. That actually never works, because as you say the material is never thereby internalized at anything more than a temporary level, lasting three weeks perhaps, and it's a very flimsy basis for math education.

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