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Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment

Writing thesis definition of how does juliet die. Also, the level of anger coming from a parent that used physical abuse Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment discipline was the strongest cause of depression. Specific Purpose: Essay On Carbon Footprinting help children of trauma express, Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment, and benefit from art integrated activities and therapy. Ap rhetorical analysis Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment prompt. The Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment one problem with writing Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment the most Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment If to Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment sinceresly writing is not an easy task especially if Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment have no certain writing skills.

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The other states maintain that spanking or slapping that result to zero physical harm is legal. The spanking usually occurs when the children are already four years old. The study also shows that corporal punishment is more common among minorities and poor families. One of the negative effects brought by corporal punishment is the strong tendencies of children to develop anti-social behaviour. The notion of corporal punishment is based on aggression and such leads to violent behaviour both exhibited by the parent and eventually the child. Also, the child could channel the aggression to other people for instance bullying their classmates in school.

Other counter-productive behaviour such as lying, cheating, and stealing could be traced to a child history who suffered from corporal punishment Strauss Another aspect that needs to be considered is that the development of anti-social behaviour encompasses all socio-economic groups. According to some studies, the intended impact created by corporal punishment discipline is reversed in the long run. Spanking and slapping are proven to be ineffective strategy in promoting discipline. In extreme cases, corporal punishment results to anger, resentment, low self-confidence, and worst children just repeat the cycle of violence to themselves and to others Gershoff: In reality, children who are inflicted of pain in the form of spanking and slapping have shown the highest tendencies of suffering from behavioural problems.

When parents use harsh methods discipline, children could exhibit anxiety, helplessness, and depression. Child abuse is often used as a counter argument to the rampant use of corporal punishment. As it is usually done to children, such method would impede the development of young bodies. Moreover, children are not capable of absorbing pain, which in some instances lead to injuries. Most of the reported injuries have been due to parents losing their control or parents underestimating their strength. The most common response from children includes isolation and rebelling from their parents. Instead of building a bond with their children corporal punishment could destroy relationships and lasting effects on the psyche of the children.

Corporal punishment tends to decrease the moral values and pro-social behaviour of children. At an early age, children perceive the solution to all problems should involve violence and physical pain. Another critical element of corporal punishment is its impact to the mental health of the children being subjected to it. Some parents misconstrue obedience and discipline with fear.

There is the possibility that children become more secretive and this affects the dynamics of a parent-child relationship. In a nutshell, the disadvantages of corporal punishment outweigh by a huge margin the benefits of spanking. Instead of promoting good behaviour and discipline, corporal punishment produces adverse effects. Parents have embraced tradition by using such methods, but evidence through the years suggests that corporal punishment is one tradition that needs to end. Few more causes also include the impossibility to achieve it; the sudden major changes in different spheres of life job loss, illness, death of his wife, and etc. There are as well such causes as socio-cultural perceptions of gender that dictates a certain behavior, cultural norms, a fashion, and the psychological qualities: ability, activities of the profession.

Thus, it is encouraged those behavior that matches a gender role. It is depressed those that does not meet a gender role. In most situations, the person who uses the corporal punishment is not aware of bad consequences of such behavior, believing that his or her actions are caused with positive intentions, are legitimate and justified. However, the effects of the use of the physical punishment on children can be negative and prolonged. A child, who has suffered abuse, receives a traumatic experience, accompanied by traumatic experiences, reproduced in the form of the inappropriate behavioral responses. All this leads to a disorganized behavior and its development.

Trust to parents and the sense of security in the family are important for a child. These components are lost in the application of violence. The use of alternative methods of parenting depends on the pedagogical culture of parents, teachers, a social and micro environment, culture, moral values, and so on. Thus, an antithesis of violence and child abuse is tolerance, which is essential for communication, a partnership, and joint activities. It is a basis for the culture of peace in a family, a community, and a society. The main features of the tolerant person are: a commitment to others, patience, charity, and the sense of humor, compassion, trust, altruism, self-mastery, kindness, a non-judgmental attitude, and humanity.

They also involve such as an ability to listen to the interlocutor, curiosity, and capacity for empathy. Rather, each adult will find the drawbacks, or say that he is not always tolerant. The basis of tolerance is to take a human as he or she is. When one asks parents what they want to see their child, they say: intelligent, honest, healthy, and successful.

However, if a child is sick or less intelligent, then this does not mean that his or her parents will not love him or her. The child must be happy in the family. The family should be a cradle of democracy rather than a cradle of violence. Punishing a child under the hot hand, parents demonstrate a worse possession with themselves than the child is required. Doing this is for not correcting the child, but in order to defuse tension. It is necessary to remember that parents cannot give the children more than they have. Corporal punishment requires less intelligence and abilities than any educational activities. The child will not understand and comprehend morality. Slap can only affirm, but not change the behavior of the kid. The aim of a disciplinary technique is the desire to change the child, not just his or her behavior.

The best way to know how to write good essays is by getting a sample of an essay from competent experts online. We can give you the essay examples you need for future learning. The punishment has forced the child to fear of losing parental love. He or she feels outcast and starts to get a jealous brother or sister. Frequent punishments encourage child to be infantile. The punished child may have hostile feelings towards parents. As a result, a personal conflict occurs. The physical punishment is a measure not only of the weakness, confusion, but the lack of culture and teaching as well.

It is necessary to talk with the child so that there will not any doubt that parents follow the care and concern for him or her, and not dismiss the desire to offend. One of the most useful ways to achieve healthy child development is to promote using words instead of actions. Parents should not forget to share with their children their achievements and failures. Then, they will open their secrets and wait for advice and support. Corporal punishment has its positive sides as well. Parents should use the punishment as a method of education with a caution and wisdom. The Bible adds that parents should educate children with great love. According to the Bible, love is a main cause of physical punishment. One might wonder: how love can be combined with violence?

It turns out that there is an explanation for it. Children, especially little ones, do not have yet formed moral beliefs. Therefore, an instruction and reproaches will not help them. And the only tangible evidence in the form of slap on a soft seat can be remembered in the memory for a long time, together with the moral implications. A child, standing before the temptation of losses, must remember how the same had ended before. And, if the memories are pretty nasty, the child will most likely change his or her mind to do harm.

Indeed, such methods are very powerful. That is why, their misuse can harm more than help. It is better if the educator or parents believe that rewards and punishments will be useless. This research paper has discussed in details the causes of this view.

There is the possibility Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment children become more mouldy bread experiment and this affects the dynamics of a parent-child relationship. First, if the physical punishment starts Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment an early age the child will be used to being physically punished, therefore, his or hers self-esteem may severely Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment as he or Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment grows up. Kids that are Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment are Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment likely to kit others. Popular Essays. Essay on success and failure of Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment good resume elements literature review in science education and the role of ict what must we do to truly understand ourselves essay: auto Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment sample resume senior software engineer resume sample help with my composition dissertation hypothesis, how to write unmanageable code samples of educational resume composition thesis statement rhetorical analysis proofreading websites au sample resume Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment new why is strength important purpose of oral presentation popular speech Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment site for mba development of english language essay First Degree Murder Case Study descriptive essay proofreading services for Thesis Statement On Physical Punishment

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