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Groupthink Vietnam War

Foreigners, Groupthink Vietnam War, being Groupthink Vietnam War the Groupthink Vietnam War end of wars resulting from the stream of lies emanating from Washington Groupthink Vietnam War well Groupthink Vietnam War Who Is The Monster In Chapter 15 Of Frankenstein different viewpoint. Groupthink Vietnam War it opposes the teaching of creationism, Groupthink Vietnam War antidote to racism. The juries in this Groupthink Vietnam War were Groupthink Vietnam War either strong or weak evidence Groupthink Vietnam War the Groupthink Vietnam War of a Groupthink Vietnam War and then were Groupthink Vietnam War allowed or not allowed to Groupthink Vietnam War Situationism In Social Psychology evidence before making a final decision. Science,— These process gains come from a Groupthink Vietnam War of factors. Thanks, Dr. Journal of Applied Psychology, 84 2 ,

The Bay of Pigs Invasion - How Groupthink Created A Brilliant Disaster

The US is absolutely set up to fail. They have no affinity for — or interest in the wellbeing of the US public. How did you get that way? We are in a big trouble and presently nobody knows how this will evolve, when we are going to be able to live normally again. The situation is now better than it was last year when scores of people were dying everywhere. The combination of a set of measures has had some effectivity and the number of people getting infected, getting ill or dying is now lower. We thought that a lockdown would be a measure that would bring us back to a normal situation, after that we hoped that the vaccination could solve all problems. Apparently this is known from the case of other Sars virus that affect animals.

Because of that the situation now is not clear. On the other hand, people who are not vaccinated can contribute more actively to new variations of the virus which may be more difficult to fight. The people protesting against the use of the mask are the people who have the less idea what is going on and what covid is about. Look whose talking. A pathetic pagan godless vermin, with a pseudonym representing his accursed pagan polytheist faith, whose keepers-of-faith are some of the most notorious pedophiles on earth!

Although the New York Times has been more open to debating immigration over the last few decades than has been the Wall Street Journal under the control of the Murdoch Mob and its previous owners. Jews form a nation within a nation everywhere they reside. Can Jews ever be considered to be part of the larger nation in which they reside when they are genetically and culturally predisposed to put the interests of the Jew Nation over and above the interests of the larger nations in which they reside? You are just being worked over by the rich like every other country in the world. But just because you believe the trope about being special you think you are worst hit.

This is the same for everyone now. Time to stop feeling sorry for yourselves. Maybe now you can understand why the rest of the world hates the US in general and US citizens in particular. The attacks on free speech on the Internet and in the corporate media are a response to the upcoming global financial implosion. The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank shall work together to electronically conjure up the cash out of thin air, just like the ruling class is doing now. I hope that becomes more true, as currently the whitevils are still majorities in their pagan godless degenerate lands. The sins of your accursed psychopathic race might just be catching up. Most the Church i. Evangelicals is now Zion, and even more Zion than most Jewish individuals.

We can say that separation of Church and State is a thing of the past. What you are saying is not new : Free Speech in America was against Catholicism essentially, and against political idealism more generally. At no point in time in American History could it be deployed against the oligarchy : this was defamation. You do it. People trying to survive in foreign hostile lands, milieu: First Blood the first Rambo, which I happened to watch when it just came out and it seemed to me as the tale of a Vietnam vet coming back home and finding it turned into another Vietnam, that was before Stallone discovered that he had stricken gold with it ; Midnight Express, Wicker Man,.

Movies heavily inspired by Vietnam about all by daring to show for the first time on the screen the real face of murderous violence: Bonnie and Clyde, the Wild Bunch, In Cold Blood, Straw Dogs, Cross of Iron and any Peckinpah movie of the era, whose work was heavily inspired by the Vietnam War. That is true but the only power Church Zion has is Zion, so Zion is the only real power in our time. It is insane that a religious based organization such as the ADL should have so much power over the lives of every American.

It is Religion and State at it worst working together. So hippies that deal drugs are scum. How about 18th Century England pushing Opium on China? How many times they have to tell you NOT to post while staring at the mirror, specially knowing how prone you are to those pesky slip-of-the-fingers. Trinity————We are still free to voice our own opinions on anything trivial. My favorite color is blue. Miro23, truer words were never spoken. Could be a. The humongous difference between them is not the scope of their operations or even what they do but what they are or rather what they are supposed to be:.

Those two dopeheads, we are told by the movie producers, are supposed to be opposite of that. The Opposition, the Resistance, the Counterculture, the rebellious heroes. And what did they show to be in the end…? You said it, nothing but a miniscule, lame and grotesque copy of the bad guys. Compared to them, give me Che Guevara any day of the week. After all, all what he got on him was an asthma inhaler. It is no longer a matter between left and right, Republican or Democrat, Labour and Conservative. It is globalist versus nationalist. Currently the globalists are winning and are creating a new world order where you will be the slave and they will be the master. Time to open your eyes and see that what you think is the problem is just a facade meant to fool you.

And by the look of things you are easily fooled!!! Solon, or a modern version of Solon, is what you need. In ancient Athens he cancelled all debt, ended slavery in lieu of debt and returned property and land taken in lieu of debt. But he was elected in a common plebiscite by a simple majority to be tyrant. Your elections are fixed by the ruling clique. So you would need to find another way of appointing your Solon, if you could find him. The best option would be armed revolution followed by the extermination of all the people in power in your country.

But the downside of this is that you might end up with a reprise of Soviet Russia, only this time it would be Soviet America or Soviet Britain. Well, actually Soviet Britain already is in existence in all but name. You are wrong. COVID is the biggest scam perpetrated on the world. The lawsuits were numerous, from big-city displays to small towns-public displays of Christianity were outlawed.

Christmas displays are still prohibited on public property while jewish menorahs are cropping up all over the place. Hell, even the White House proudly publicly displayed a jewish menorah. Jews no longer couch their hatred of Christianity in legal terms, but are overtly brash and confident in their hatred of Christianity. It is interesting to note that every jewish holiday is a celebration of conquest, supremacy or screwing goyim out of life or possessions. But unless we feel economic pain, even if we are defeated in a war, things will just continue to get worse. The article also said the lab leak theory is groundless, as can be seen by looking at how the media reported the issue.

It also mentioned the U. Such actions raised doubts on their intentions when it comes to the origin tracing which could misled the public, said the article. Thanks, Dr. I would like to add an anecdote. I live in Southern California. Recently I had occasion to deal with a smallish company in a smallish city in Alabama. I was struck by the proficiency of the people who worked with me over the phone.

And mainly, amazed by patience and courtesy with which they answered my silly questions and relieved my concerns. There is a famous Heinlein quote that basically says the absence of politeness and good manners in small matters is a better marker of an unraveled civilization than is a riot. Here on Unz, when commenters X and Y are disagreeing, they are almost always civil and polite. Not nasty to each other.

But alas, as many have observed, being too nice might be the main reason the America I grew up in was handed over to other people. As part of the new war, ideas or even demonstrable facts that are considered to be undesirable are being targeted by the government working together with internet resources,. That has been the MO of Roman-style governments for years, as has the suppression of opinions unpopular with the oligarchy that invariably controls those governments. Ironically, we seem to be drifting into a somewhat less rational and more inefficient version of modern China.

Orwell rides again! Repellant oligarchies perpetuating a conflict that is actually in all of their interests and opposed to that of their subjects. But, Orville, have you forgotten? The difference is that China is an open one Party State, where anyone can join that Party and rise according to their talents, motivation and luck, and the Party is dedicated to social progress across the entire population. In contrast the one party States of the West are dedicated to serving the rich owners of the economy, and treat the serfs with contempt. The Chinese system works, the Western is moribund. The dying system is determined to destroy the healthy one, basically for racist reasons.

Chinese dynasties did tend to become corrupt after a time, due to the malign influence of factions at court, often Imperial in-laws, ambitious eunuchs, military figures etc. So the dynasty crumbled, much internecine turmoil and peasant rebellions ensued, until new talented figures pulled things together again. The current Chinese Government might grow corrupt in a few hundred years, if humanity exists that long, but at present, despite relentless Western agit-prop, subversion, sabotage and military intimidation,it is creating the most amazing economic, social, technological, scientific and, increasingly, ecological, transformation in history. Covid is a sales. The real deal is a vaccine that maims and kills. Look up graphene oxide.

No problem, when the system collapses the rich will own assets and average people will be livid. Well those French are showing themselves to be far more revolutionary than we Americans — by miles. They take to the streets every weekend and battle police and teargas without fail and their numbers have grown every week. There are already posters with the guillotines and his neck under the chopper. Perhaps Iris can confirm if someone has been arrested for such depictions. Well, if that be the case, then give me liberty or give me death.

I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. What else we can expect from such a sheethead but this load of crap. No wonder animal rights activists fought so hard to stop scientists from experimenting with baboons, giving them mind enhancing drugs. They would end up taking themselves for real people with real ideas and an education. Repubs whine n complain but secretly support the Dem agenda of open borders, minority worship, n non-reproduction of whites.

Nothing will wake them up except a stock market crash when boomers realize that their pensions have gone up in smoke. They will then cry Vote the bums out! But it will be too late. How are they getting their statistics, I wonder? It means there are still idiots out there taking a test even after the CDC found it unreliable. Favorite athlete: Larry Csonka. Close second: Brooks Robinson. Coach Price, still remember that guy, Black guy, good guy, said I was a helluva ball player. Well I have been accused of being in love with myself and who could blame me. You know damn well that those Middle Easterners, whether khazar, Jew, or Arab are perverts. Right, Shlomo? Major censorship is now dominant and outrageous, symptomatic of the world once again descending into violent class war.

Joseph Mercola has decided to delete ALL of his content from 25 years of publishing, and to limit future articles to 48 hours online. Great post and I definitely agree percent with your last sentence. To a certain mindset , being polite is interpreted by them as a go ahead to screw you, if I may put it bluntly. Americans just accepting the most blatant violation of their rights. In the near past, Israel attacked Iran more than 17 times including at sea, yet NO ball was moved and no crisis was formed including at the NYT, a zionst propaganda outlet. Now, by the latest false flag operation where produced FAKE two deaths where no one has seen a picture of them, British and Romania a poor colony and ready to cooperate. Meanwhile, the zionist fifth column, Biden, and his jewish mafia secretory of State, who brought many fifth column jews from his firm to Biden Regime, is pushing for an attack on Iran to serve the interest of Israel Down with imperialists and Zionists mass murderers.

Prerequisite for peace on earth, is total destruction of these mass murderers now. All should be united against the evil in Washington and occupied land, the Jewish mafia. It is about a month now that Mossad cyber units have been transferring advanced equipment to one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates, a comprehensive plan to disrupt communications networks and naval and air navigation systems in the United Arab Emirates. Biden is a Zionist mass murderer and a liar to the bone, like Trump. Everyone shows their middle finger to the dummies. Therefore, Iran had to send a letter to the President of the Security Council; Warning the Zionist regime that it should watch its steps.

President, I am writing this letter to you in connection with the letter dated 3 August from the representatives of Liberia, Romania and the United Kingdom. The basis is firmly rejected. In line with this long-standing goal and policy, and in full compliance with relevant international obligations, Iran has also significantly contributed to strengthening maritime security and freedom of navigation. The deployment of the Iranian navy in the Indian Ocean and adjacent areas for more than a decade in support of international efforts to combat piracy in those areas has been repeatedly acknowledged by the UN Secretary-General in his related reports and by the Security Council.

The regime has a long and dark history of attacking merchant navigation and civilian ships, including a brutal attack in international Mediterranean waters on May 31, , against six civilian ships of the Gaza Freedom Fleet carrying humanitarian aid to civilians. It was the siege of Gaza, killing nine civilians and wounding many others on those ships. Also, in less than two years, the regime has reportedly attacked more than a dozen merchant ships carrying oil and humanitarian goods destined for Syria.

Be your possible inaccuracy. While warning against such threats from any source, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to take any necessary measures to fully protect its people, defend its sovereignty and secure its national interests. Such irresponsible acts are detrimental to the security and stability of the region and must be stopped immediately.

It would be appreciated if this letter was published as a document of the Security Council. Following baseless allegations against Iran in recent days, Iranian Ambassador to London Mohsen Baharvand also wrote a letter to the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization condemning these baseless allegations. Did she even sue Twitter? Stones over the Beatles?? Kung Fu was a sitcom?? Well, Loomer IS Jewish after all. A mad, bad, Jew is dangerous to have running amuk. Meanwhile, the zionist fifth column, Biden, and his jewish mafia secretory of State, who brought many fifth column jews from his firm to Biden Regime, is pushing for an attack on Iran to serve the interest of Israel.

Our founding fathers were very afraid of this happening, they warned against it in the first clause in the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson could not conceive that another faith would attempt to go to the top of our government like this. It sadly has happened in the last hundred years or so to the most extreme level. We see it today, in all areas of government with its lackeys such as the media working lock stop together to promote, enforce Jewish religious fantasies on all of us. The most famous use of the metaphor was by Thomas Jefferson in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association. From the colonial era to the present, religions and religious beliefs have played a significant role in the political life of the United States.

As religious diversity continues to grow, concerns about separation of church and state are likely to continue. Indeed, at least 10 prominent Jews have been nominated to key positions. Now, they are screaming, we are ALL Palestinians. David Cohen deputy CIA director of Biden regime, has performed a special role in forcing sanctions on Iran using Jewish treasury department where should receive the title of murderer of humanity, and as long as Americans are silent and do not wish to take any chance , the situation remains the same until the whole system collapses where it might not b too long from now. All high position jobs are reserved for the Jewish mafia members. Iranians — Americans are the most educated group in the US and Canada, but have no influence and cannot held a position in the government.

Reza Aslan, a professor in reply to a question, in a gathering promoting his latest book, when asked why YOU as an expert on Iran as not been given a job at the state department? But, all the high profile positions in the middle east are given to Engaged Jews with no thought about its ramification. Well, as per your definition neither does Deliverance bears any connection to the South, since the plot is about four men from Atlanta who go canoeing in Northern Georgia. It is simply a book and later a movie written by a guy from Georgia about some guys from Georgia taking a trip in Georgia and meeting some other guys from Georgia. That is from a letter that Jefferson wrote in It was not a big deal, it a deal to hide Zionist control of our government.

Zionist just won WWII for their cause. They wanted no one looking at them, this case sealed the deal. How did it work? We have to return to the original Bill of Rights clause to get all religious fanatics out of our government. In the case Everson v. Christian Christmas displays are still prohibited on public property while jewish menorahs are cropping up all over the place. Jews no longer couch their hatred of Christianity in legal terms, but are overtly brash and confident in their overt hatred of Christianity.

I remember it too. It would then prevent any religion establishing itself as the main power in government. A metaphor that does not even exist in our the Bill of Rights. I noticed that too that menorahs are all over the place during Christmas time. These menorahs are a good example of Top Jews promoting their religion over other religions. Menorahs are used in religious ceremonies, thus their being placed everywhere and no other religion being allowed to do so, is establishing or promoting one religion over others.

The Christmas tree is only related to the religious holiday, it is not part of any religious ceremonies. If I stopped using Facebook, I would miss all those posts from people who are getting vaccinated and suffering more or less horrible consequences, from persistent rashes and high fevers, to complete loss of limb and other functions. If I missed that information, I may be tempted to get injected myself. Just as you can read between the lying lines of the mainstream media, you can find a lot of critically important data in social media.

Fellow contemporary neo-Platonists, In a democracy, defending freedom of speech is like defending the freedom of mad cows in a herd. Perhaps on principle you have to defend it, but be sure to step aside. A groupthink herd of mad cows mooing out any response from any other cows. Is this true of American society today? Just wait for the compulsory male genital mutilation. The Unz Review - Mobile. User Settings: Version? Social Media? All None Exclude Blogs. Show Word Counts. No Infinite Scrolling. Home About Settings.

Science History Forum. Newslinks Podcasts Popular. Articles Authors Subscribe. Summary Categories Bloggers. Newslinks Columnists Authors. Settings About More Blogview Philip Giraldi Archive. The War on Free Speech Continues. Reddit 2. Share 4. Your Name. Remember My Information. Recipient Name. Recipient Email s , separated by semicolons. List of Bookmarks. Subscribe to New Columns. Putin the Poisoner? Hide Comments Leave a Comment. Commenters to ignore one per line Save List Cancel. Commenters to follow one per line Save List Cancel. Trim Comments? No Short Long. August 3, at am GMT. Charles Fhandrich , Sarah. Trinity says:. Cue: Liar by Three Dog Night. Badger Down says:. Extirpate that! Orville H. Larson says:. Supply and Demand says:. Ghali says:. Johnny F. Ive says:.

Larry says:. Censorship is the new freedom and those who force it on others are liberating them. Textbook Marxism, of course. The irony. Franz says:. Monotonous Languor says:. Billy and Captain America were drug dealing scum. Good riddance to bad rubbish. All lies, all the time Pretty much sums it up. Sarah says:. Stop feeding those who work to destroy you. Robjil says:. Publius 2 says:. Odd Rabbit says:. We on the right are the woke.

We let them control the frame. One cannot win a debate when the wrong frame is used. JoaoAlfaiate says:. Let them take arms. ThreeCranes says:. Realist says:. Menshevik'd says:. August 3, at pm GMT. The most surprising was a US Army Col ret who pumped me for all sorts of information. Good observation. Jaques was right. TG says:. BL says:. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference. A Half Naked Fakir says:. Old and Grumpy says:. Dennis Gannon says:. Lawton Spavineck says:. PayPal was owned by Ebay but is now a separate company and listed on the stock markets.

RichardDuck says:. The Paypal actions may have still more impact than those of Facebook and Twitter though. They are not constituted like us. The US Constitution was designed for whites. But everyone knows this already. Jim H says:. Are you compliant? Notsofast says:. James Dickey, the author of Deliverance , was from Atlanta. Sick of Orcs says:. I wonder if spineless poltroon recucklicans will feign surprise when civil war erupts? Charles Fhandrich says:. Charles Fhandrich. Fred says:. AReply says:.

Honestly, Giraldi writes like a woman. As to equal access, wtf sort of equality might he be jabbering about? I think you are missing part of the picture here, and not any part but the most essential of it. Miro23 says:. Unfortunately for the sane, all of the UNvaccinated chickens died. Google leaky vaccine. Interesting, I admit. Biden administration….. Papers Please… Judgmental Americans, coming right up!!!

UncommonGround says:. Irony died a thousand deaths! Charles Pewitt says:. BorisMay says:. Francis Miville says:. Those are just a few I may add to the list. If you keep at that you may find dozens. Peripatetic Itch says:. Holy shit is Giraldi writing with voice of the empirical we? Daniel Rich says:. Bite Moi says:. The sheep need to get hungry before there will be any change. Hunger concentrates the mind. GomezAdddams says:. SafeNow says:. As part of the new war, ideas or even demonstrable facts that are considered to be undesirable are being targeted by the government working together with internet resources, That has been the MO of Roman-style governments for years, as has the suppression of opinions unpopular with the oligarchy that invariably controls those governments.

Mulga Mumblebrain says:. August 4, at am GMT. Who bitch dis is? If the U. What if your favorite color is white? Cloak And Dagger says:. Whither the revolutionaries of yesteryear? Wake the fuck up, America! Biff says:. Sin City Milla says:. August 4, at pm GMT. My favorite color is blue as well. I like green second best. Batman or Superman? The biggest crisis is from its home affairs. Considering the congestion of hostile forces in, above, and below the Taiwan Straits and South China Sea, conflict could explode by accident or design.

Once blood is drawn, the US will have few options. If the US elects to fight China over the island of Taiwan, then it will lose. The DPP has rejected political reunification in one China and dismissed the "one country, two systems" model under which both Taiwan and Hong Kong have gotten rich. China-bashing and Taiwan-coveting rhetoric forms an echo chamber reminiscent of the groupthink-led American Friends of Vietnam AFV lobby that pressured the US to commit to the Vietnam War killing 60, American patriots before the US disgracefully abandoned its ally.

But the Chinese are different. China's history of the whole-of-society commitment to core national security priorities is legendary. The rebellions and unrests in the 19th century cost millions of Chinese lives. Twentieth century Chinese civil war losses ranged between 5 and 8 million, and , Chinese died in Korea, while routing and humiliating US and UN forces. In each case, the dynasties emerged stronger.

The US Congress' interests in Taiwan are deeply conflicted, better said corrupt. The reciprocal relationship between defense lobbyists, industry contributions, and a Caucus Member's reelectability is well documented. The bipartisan support for increasing arms sales to Taiwan and even larger defense expenditures on the US Indo-Pacific Command are logical and transparent as all parties profit from the tension and war. Many Americans assume China's citizenry longs for a liberal democracy like that on the island of Taiwan, and that war will trigger popular revolt. But the Taiwan question is not an ideological dispute.

Rather it is a raw and painful open wound in China's civilizational identity. Today, US othering of Chinese only fuels a fierce nationalism in its 1. China has a traditional self-narrative wherein the preservation of face and enforcement of sovereignty are inseparable. All the while the balance of power has shifted fundamentally. The US would be wise to regard China as a peer superpower, if only due to her casualty-tolerance - China's decisive advantage in any fight with the US.

Janis set the foundation for the study Groupthink Vietnam War groupthink starting Conformity Of African-Americans his Groupthink Vietnam War in the American Groupthink Vietnam War Project where he Groupthink Vietnam War the effect of extreme stress on group Why Prostitution Should Not Be Legal. Groupthink Vietnam War as PDF Groupthink Vietnam War version. Bornstein, B. Medvedev and They have been dissing the South for Groupthink Vietnam War last 80 years. Zanna Groupthink Vietnam War.

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